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What were you doing last July 26, 2014 at lunch time? Well, if you were home sitting in front of the television, then what a pity! You could have gone to SM City Iloilo and experience the fun with hundreds of Korean popular music enthusiasts as they had another show at the Event Centre entitled “#FUNKpop” (pronounced as FUN Kpop) which was lead by, of course, as usual, Iloilo Kpop Organization with the help of SM City Iloilo Marketing Department.

The theme of the event was “wearing DENIM” for July is Denim month in SM City Iloilo. Thus, all Ilonggo Kpop cover artists who performed that day epitomize the use of denim in fashion incorporating it in Kpop.

Now let’s see what were the fun moments during the show:

S-Unit (Iloilo Kpop Organization’s Singing Representative Group) members opened the stage with a sing and dance number of Hyosung’s “Goodnight Kiss” by Stephy (with girls from Kiss Media) and a rap duet of GD and CL’s “The Leaders” by Blanche and Merk.
110575141_684377901647838_2362832632118440583_o 10446239_684377644981197_3357894433933792800_oDJ Entertainment and Sapphire Entertainment gave whole lot of fun production numbers with AKMU’s “Give Love” and a mix of funky kpop songs including Gdragon’s “Crooked”.

mcAnd this event’s emcees Jibih of B2STLY and Danica (Iloilo Kpop Organization’s newly elected president) holding their Taeng Card and Eli Card for their scripts. [I must have been there for my GYU card! kk]

The performances were divided into three batches. Here are performances in the first batch. Featuring the KPOP Rookies:

BESTar with BESTie’s “Thank You Very Much”

Flair2 Flair

Flair with Kiss&Cry’s “Domino Game”


Eugenecel enjoying the fun of a solo stage with AOA’s “Miniskirt”
ProjectA  ProjectA1

Project A is back with GLAM’s “I Like That”

bang2002 bang200 
Bang200 (former BtoA) are “Boy In Luv” with BTS

And the second batch with covers from rising Kpop idol groups:


RuVIXX doing a good job covering VIXX “Eternity”


The mix group of girls and boys, G-Friend, obsessing with Boyfriend’s “Obsession”


Joy of Project A takes a solo stage with group members as back up dancers with Hyosung’s “Goodnight Kiss”
  Spades 2Spades

Who wouldn’t remember the song that made Girls Day on top, “Expectation” by Spades.

KM DollsKM Dolls2

And of course, the lovely girls of KM Dolls never failed to make everyone smile with “Mr. Chu”

4 Jackie2 Jackie

and this chingu, Jackie, who swayed every girl and woman’s hearts as he gave a heartfelt ballad with his soothing and will-make-you-fall-in-love voice.

The third and last batch came covering major untouchable idol groups in Korea:

Elite elite2

El!TE asking “Wacha Doin Today?” covering 4Minute.



B2STLY and SHINx are one as EXOUL with EXO “Overdose” mixing both Korean and Chinese versions in memory of Kris. Not to mention, Troua doing the introduction with Kai’s “Angel”

beyond3 beyond2 beyond

And Iloilo’s boyband BEYOND joining the Kpop fun performing MBLAQ’s “Smoky Girl” and the legends of Kpop, gods of the East DongBangShinKi most successful song “Mirotic”

6 5ne1

5ne1 made everyone jump in their seats screaming NOLZA! as they performed a mix of 2ne1’s “Come Back Home” and “Crush” with a little CL’s “Mental Breakdown”


and lastly, from the biggest group in IKO, GeeDee performing Girls Generation’s “Mr Mr”

of course, the ending isn’t all that. IKO wouldn’t leave the stage without a goodbye performance from its Representative Dance Group C-UNIT who surprised everyone not because of their BTS cover but with their cut of AOA and Girls Day performance.
cunit cunit2

Check their performance HERE:

Since there were no a lot of pre-reserved passes, the chairs prepared were not equal to the amount of viewers. But the cheers were never less.

Feedbacks about the whole show were all positive from IKO old members to new ones, and also from new Kpop fans who had just discovered that there is an existing Kpop organization in Iloilo.
Some Koreans even watched and said that they enjoyed the show.

5 10570343_10201481170870079_2163250761839609249_n10530778_10201481168550021_7092057250131461903_nTill the next event!
See you again! And don’t forget to put #FUNKpop in your post if you have photos to share!

Photos from: Danica Saplagio, Grace Nerpiol, and other members of Iloilo Kpop Organization.
Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio

A Tribute to First and Second Genaration KPOP Idols

The first of Iloilo Kpop Organization this year is a tribute show to the first and second generation idols who worked hard to introduce Kpop to the world, and made the path a lot easier to pass for the new generation.


It is a show designed to not just recap, but also tell the history of Kpop to the new fans. The title of the show was inspired by the Reply Series (Reply 1997 and 1994) and KBS Immortal Song. It was entitled, REPLY KPOP LEGENDS: AN IMMORTAL CONCERT.

More than two hundred members of Iloilo Kpop Organization came to watch and participate in the show. This is almost half of all the active members. Some members and cover artists weren’t able to come due to school work, and busy schedules.


The first generation groups portrayed were Seo Taiji and the Boys (stated as the first Kpop group in history), H.O.T. and Sech Skies (first male groups with wild fandom rivalry), S.E.S. (the first Kpop girl group), Shinhwa (the longest running Kpop group) and Cool (one of the first Kpop mixed groups who made waves with their danceable music).

Three much controversial groups were portrayed in the second generation of idols. With the presence of Cassiopeias and ELFs in the audience, DongBangShinKi (recognized as the group with most number of registered fans in Guiness Book of World Records, with the most sasaeng fans, most loved by Japan and made way for more Korean artists to expand in that country) and Super Junior (the first boy group to have so much number of members, with the biggest fanbase in Asia, and having the biggest number of fans in the Philippines) received much attention and cheers from the audience. Kara (the number one Kpop girl group in Japan, and one of Korea’s representative girl group) was also well-supported by the audience.


Ballad singers were also showcased such as Baek Ji Young (Korea’s queen of ballads), Jang Nara (one of Korea’s best Hallyu Stars in China), Lyn (Soul Diva and queen of OSTs), K.Will (ballad prince), FT Island (the first Kpop band who made it big overseas), and Davichi (the duo respected with looks and voices).


Solo acts from first to second generation were also presented with performances of songs from Bada (leader of S.E.S. and now well-respected with her stage performances in Immortal Song), BoA (the one and only Queen of Korean Wave, number one Kpop solo artist in Japan since the age of 14, and even recognized worldwide with her dancing skills during her US debut), Ivy (the original pop diva), Son Dambi (the pop sexy queen), Lee Hyori (leader of Fin KL — one of the most famous first generation girl groups, the original Bad Girl), XIA Junsu (DongBangShinKi lead vocal, the highest paid and most in-demand musical actor in Korea), Taeyang (Bigbang — world renowned Hip Hop Kpop group’s main vocalist, and one of the hottest idols in Korea), Sunmi (Ex member of Wonder Girls — first Korean girl group who made it big worldwide), Yoon Mirae (The Queen of Korean Hip Hop), and the rivalry of Se7en (one of Kpop’s longest running solo artists, worked with famous producers in the US, and some singers like Lil Mama and Amerie) and Rain (World Star, famous of his hollywood movies Ninja Assasin and Speed Racer, well-loved world wide with his dramas and songs).

There was also a special ALL-FOR-FUN stage with the performance of GDragon and Hyungdon’s Going To Try as a literal meaning of collaboration between old and new idols.

Cover artists present in the show were Djuke, Troua, Beat by Arts members, LAZER (combination of Kimsshi and Girlfriend19), Ruvixx, Steph (GeeDee) and Pinky of Kiss Media, Spades, Kemalla, Sha Sha, BEYOND, Rafflesia’s Acky and Paul, SHINx, Kex Batara of After Shock, HyunJae, and some other cover artists who extended their hands as back up dancers of the solo ones.

It was a sweet success for the organization, achieving its goal to re-tell the story of how KPOP really started and made news though not all old generation groups and artists were portrayed.

Article by: Iveca Cale IgnacioPictures: FB accounts of Dorothy Sumulat, Gabriel Yap, and Blache Salarda

JOHDA! Awards 2013 Results Announced


As the Iloilo Kpop Official News Blog celebrates it’s fourth year anniversary, recently, we conducted an online POLL for Iloilo Kpop enthusiasts vote for their FAVORITE COVER ARTISTS in JOHDA! AWARDS 2013.

All cover artists inside Iloilo Kpop Organization were part of the poll. Each and everyone has a chance to vote.

There were rumors that votes might be manipulated by our dear admins of this blog, but we will assure you 100% that our conscience is clean.

Thus, the process of voting goes this way as we explained many time when we promoted our past article:


1. Three kinds of polls were displayed in the article.

(Tatlong klaseng pagbobotohan ang nakalagay sa artikulo).

2. You can vote many times since when you refresh the page, the poll also refreshes. However, only your first vote was counted.

(Pwede kang bumoto ng maraming beses pag ni-refresh mo ang pahina dahil nagrerefresh din ulit ang talaan. Subalit ang unang boto mo lang ang nabilang)

3. The poll was computer generated. The votes were blocked according computer cookies and IP address.

(Ang kumpyuter ang nagbibilang ng boto. Hinaharangan ng kompyuter ang cookies at IP address kung saan ka bumoto)

4. Meaning, only 1 vote is counted in each computer you use. To vote again, go to another computer and your vote will be counted.

(Ibig sabihin, isang boto lang ang binibilang sa isang kompyuter. Para bumoto ulit, bumoto gamit ang ibang kompyuter).


We had explained the process of voting many times in our posts. We always say that reading instructions first is very important.


And so, the results are here:








The certificates with our mini-trophy alternatives were given to the winners last Saturday, February 8, 2014 after the Reply Kpop Legends: An Immortal Concert.



Congratulations to all the winners! You all deserve to win! CHUKKHAHAMNIDA!



article and pictures by: Iveca Cale Ignacio

Iloilo Kpop Organization will Join Bugasong, Antique Fiesta 2014!


KPOP will invade Antique as Iloilo Kpop Organization sponsored by Mayor Bernard N. Pesayco, and the LGU of Bugasong, Antique will bring three of the best cover groups for a show in Bugasong Plaza on January 18, 2014 at 5pm.

C-UNIT, Iloilo Kpop Organization’s representative cover group will be covering EXO K and will perform four of EXO’s songs. Some members of GeeDee and SHINx combined to make awesome covers of Girls Generation performances. While 5ne1 will give another daebak stage.

The show is also a celebration of Iloilo Kpop Organization’s fifth year anniversary, and as well as the answer to some KPOP Antiqueno enthusiasts who wants to feel the KPOP fangirling-boying vibe in their hometown.

The show was made possible by the Sanguniang Bayan of Bugasong, Antique.

IKO expects to see and meet fellow KPOP fans in this tour. See you there! :)



Article by: Iveca Cale IgnacioPhoto and Lay out by: Mark Casaquite

JOHDA! Awards 2013 — Iloilo Kpop Official News Blog 4th Anniversary Celebration


It’s Iloilo Kpop Organization’s 5th Anniversary. It’s the Iloilo Kpop Official News Blog 4th Anniversary as well.

In CELEBRATION to that, we bring you the “JOHDA! Awards” 

The blog is giving awards to your FAVORITE COVER ARTISTS and GROUPS.

 Deadline is on January 9, 2014, and winners will be revealed on the first Kpop Convention in Iloilo on February 8, 2014.

So VOTE now!




Share to your friends and let them VOTE!

[October 2013] Cover Artist of the Month: KAKKOI BOYS — So Cool!



As there name says, they are Kakkoi! — Kakkoi is the Japanese term for COOL. If you had been a long-time member of Iloilo Kpop Organization and had seen these boys during their reign, you would say they are really KAKKOI!

If you don’t know them, well.. One of the first generation cover idols, they are the first KPOP COVER BOY GROUP in Iloilo. They used to cover SHINEE, DBSK and 2PM. With confidence and good looks, they conquered the fangirls hearts, screaming for each of their performance,

The members:




(Big JP)

(Small JP)


1. For being able to step out as KPOP FANBOYS  during those times when there was much PREJUDICE in being a Kpop fan especially to guys.

2. For their crazy ideas about being a cover group. FYI, they are the first to use costumes/outfits during performances in IKO.

3. For waking up the competitiveness inside other cover groups. (Other cover groups during those times also took COVERing seriously because of them).

4. For standing on stage with confidence even if not all of them can dance well. (They proved that dancing and covering aren’t just for those who can dance well, but  for everyone who wants to do them).

5. For stealing fangirls hearts. HAHA.


Iloilo Kpop Organization 2nd Gathering Cover Dance Contest Champion
December 2009
Covered 2PM’s Again and Again and DBSK’s Doushite Kimi wa Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou, IKO girls had hoity toity feels.

Iloilo Kpop Organization 3rd Gathering Cover Dance Contest Champion
April 2010
Covered SHINEE for the first time, they took all the Noona’s hearts in IKO.

IKO 3rd Gathering KAKKOI BOYS Performance

Iloilo KFest 2011 Cover Dance Contest 2nd Runner Up
January 2011
Haven’t been on stage for a long time, they made their last performance as a cover group as they joined the contest. IKO members never thought that that would be their goodbye stage.

During Kakkoi Boys reign, they were only around 3 to 5 cover groups in Iloilo and so, there weren’t much competition, but rivalry between groups were explicitly prominent.


Actually, these boys have talents in singing and playing instruments, but sadly, their videos of covering Korean songs like Boys Over Flowers OST could not be retrieved for they deleted their facebook fanpage.

Anyway, these guys are full of fun ideas like they even thought of posing with Coca-Cola, McDonalds, etc. — thinking those are their CFs. Here’s a sample:





From competition to friendship. Kakkoi Boys made good friends with the first Girls Generation cover group in the Philippines, Tuh Tuh Girls.

With Tuh Tuh Girls, they made a collaboration music video parody of Super Junior and Girls Generation’s S.E.O.U.L.

CLICK HERE to watch TTG and KKB’s S.E.O.U.L. Parody

OJ and David also participated in KIMSSHI’s first music video parody. OJ acted as a guy who fell in loved with a broken-hearted girl while David acted (with a very short appearance — doubt if you’ll recognize him) as the bad ex-boyfriend who dated another girl.

KAKKOI BOYS are not comparable performance-wise to many good Kpop cover idols in Iloilo nowadays. However, they were instruments and pacemakers who made the first generation Kpop cover idols (in Iloilo) think of better ideas as cover artists.

KAKKOI BOYS is also a product of friendship. They did not start as a cover group, but they were friends since little, and thought that perhaps, joining as a cover group would be fun.

Yes, they have a lot of flaws. But please remember, before IKO fangirls screamed for DJuke, BBA, Troua, or the C-Unit, they screamed first for KAKKOI BOYS.

485576_4142949352484_1983870021_n(Kakkoi Boys with their manager during ILOILO KFEST 2011)

These boys matured and grew up fast. They became busy with their own lives and activities, but they always look back on the friendship that they made with each other and with some members of IKO.

They do not perform on stage as a group anymore, but they are performing individually in their independent stages while getting appreciated not by fan girls but the society.

With much of what they had shared to the organization, and to the Kpop scene in Iloilo and the Philippines…

KAKKOI BOYS, you guys are COOL!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Pictures: Iloilo Kpop WordPress articles, Kakkoi Boys official Facebook accountsVideos: adiksayo @youtube, KIMSSHI Official Youtube Channel, Tuh Tuh Girls Official Facebook Fanpage

2013 Korean-Filipino Friendship Festival Closing was a Success — Sneak Peak over the Korean Fashion Show and Film Festival.

Flashy outfits with stunning faces were carried by MK International Language School Students as they showcase the Korean fashion during the closing ceremony of the Korean Festival 2013 on September 29 at SM City Iloilo Event Center.


In cooperation with UP Daebak, MK International Language School and SM City Iloilo, the closing ceremony of the week long Korean Festival 2013 celebration was a success as the models confidently display the wardrobes sponsored by SM Department Store and walk like professionals on the runway.

Not only the fabulous modern dresses and catchy wardrobes were shown, the Fashion show also displayed the Korean traditional dress, the Hanbok, which officially opened the program.



UP Daebak members, one of Iloilo Kpop Organization, performed EXO’s “Wolf” and Psy’s “Gentleman.”  Kim DongJoo of Busan Symphony played the Saxophone to entertain the audience in the event.


Mr. Moon Dae Jin, the President of MK International Language School and the Vice President of Iloilo Korean Association, was thankful for the success of the event and stressed to have another Korean Festival event next year.

Mr. Moon Dae Jin, VP Iloilo Korean Community Association

The Korean fashion show served as the closing ceremony of the week-long Korean festival which showed the beauty of Korean Culture through food, beauty and cosmetics, and music (both traditional and popular music).

The program ended with the awarding of certificates by SM City Iloilo to the Korean MK student models,  Lina Geum and Kim Hyun  Jeong – in charge of Korean food and beauty bazar, respectively.


On the other hand, the Korean Film Festival , which is also a part of the Korean Festival and ended on the same day, was also a success.

Iloilo Kpop Organization Volunteers with Ms. Linh Dalangin, President of Korean Cultural Center

The event was sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Korean Cultural Center with the partnership of SM Cinema and Iloilo KPOP Organization. The Film Festival showed six different Korean movies for FREE and were flocked by numerous audience during the weekends.

The premiere night was attended by Iloilo Kpop Organization, and Korean volunteers from MK International Language Center on September 26, SM City Iloilo, Cinema 6.


The movies shown were Werewolf Boy, Greenday, Sunny, Deranged, Dancing Queen and Masquerade. These famous films were shown to promote the Korean Culture.


The week-long Korean-Filipino Friendship Festival in Iloilo was such a success. Everyone is looking forward for another year of celebration!


Article and Photos by: Gwen CanongCo-written and edited by: Iveca Cale Ignacio