[OCTOBER 2014] COVER ARTIST OF THE MONTH: As powerful as an EL!TE!

1004742_531217150267378_387533963_nPeople always ask, “Is there an f(x) cover group in Iloilo?” and yes, the answer is… THERE IS, and we call them EL!TE.

They debuted last May 11, 2014 at Iloilo Kpop Organization’s Fourth Gathering back to back with the second generation SeoNyuShiDae cover group GeeDee. After that, they made several dance covers of f(x) songs in both Iloilo Kpop Organization events and in Youtube. These girls were discovered by Hyunie of R-ME, and are one of the first groups from DJ Empire.

Some who just recently discovered the organization or just recently exposed themselves in the Kpop fandom world in Iloilo may not know them as a group, but they had been active until today. Only that like f(x), they usually take breaks at some events. Given the fact that it is hard to follow an f(x) dance routine, the time they have to practice together is also an intervening variable. It is not easy to cover f(x) after all!

Anyway, for the new Iloilo Kpop cover artists enthusiasts, the group may be unfamiliar, but it’s 101% sure that you have seen or know one or two members from this group.

Current Members:

Chijun or Junifer Lhynne Sunaz

Cover Name: Chijun
Real Name: Junifer Lhynne Sunaz
Additional Details:
– Hosted several Iloilo Kpop Organization events in SM City and Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012 along with Iveca Cale Ignacio (IKO founder and past KIMSSHI Leader)

- Performs with another cover group in Anigumi Joukai (Iloilo’s biggest Cosplay Guild)

Cloud or Katherine Joy Caberoy

Cover Name: Cloud
Real Name: Katherine Joy Caberoy

Additional Details:
– Performed as BoA in the last KFEST 2012 at SM City Iloilo.

Minjie or Lae Doren Dutchilla

Cover Name: Minjie
Real Name: Lae Doren Dutchilla

Additional Details:
- A swimmer that represents Iloilo.

Cheii or Blanche Salarda

Cover Name: Cheii
Real Name: Blanche Salarda

Additional Details:
– Search for the Next Super Idol Season 2 Champion
– Covers CL of 2ne1 as a solo artist and as the leader of the project group GIZIBE along with Iveca (IU/past member of Kimsshi), Kin (Juniel/past member of GeeDee) and Kem (BEStar/C2K/past member of Girlfriend)
– Received the ‘One of a Kind Yeoja Award’ in Iloilo Kpop Party 2014 as best dressed in girls category.

Chunny or Nicole Anacita
Cover Name: Chunny
Real Name: Nicole Anacita

Additional Details:
– Newest member of EL!TE. Joined in late 2012 replacing former member Jeian.

Previous Member:

Jeian or Joan Jaranilla
Cover Name: Jeian
Real Name: Joan Jaranilla

Additional Details:
– Played Britanny S. Pierce in Iloilo’s Biggest Musical Gleeorious.
– Performer/Artist in Iloilo’s local TV Show “Kids n’ More”

Performances, Online Covers and Solo Activities:

Their debut performance was in the Iloilo Kpop Organization 4th Gathering with Lachata and NU ABO.

Then they made a video cover of NU ABO uploaded in Youtube.

They also performed Chocolate Love, Chu and Pinnochio at the Iloilo Kpop Mini-Concert in 2011. They also showed their vocal in their other performance during the show.

Cloud performing as BoA dancing to Eat You Up at KFEST 2012.

Chijun/Juni doing the opening number performing 15&’s Somebody at Kpop High: Back to School with Kpop event in SM City.

Cheii’s wiining performance in the Search for Super Idol Season 2 last September 2014.

Other Covers:

At times when f(x) doesn’t have a new song, or EL!TE doesn’t have much time to perfect an f(x) routine, they cover other artists.

Please Be My Baby by Wonder Girls was covered and uploaded in Youtube as well.

El!te’s performing “Beatles” by Kpop group, G.I., in Kpop High: Back to School with Kpop event at SM City in July 2013.


A glimpse of how fun these girls could be together.


So let’s say these girls did not start as friends, have their own share of friendly quarrels, and not as always present as some other groups, but looking at how they transformed from the GIRLS who just innocently started as cover artists to LADIES who are now used to perform on stage, you’ll definitely say that they grew individually and a group as powerful as their name.


Look at these innocent faces. Do you see the glints in their eyes? Do you see the oozing fighting spirit that they want to convey? These girls are saying that they are ready. Ready to show the Iloilo Kpop world what they’ve got.



And yes they have grown. More lovable, and more confident.

They are not best of friends, they don’t see each other most of the time. The only time they are together is when they are practicing and performing as EL!TE. But they share a fun and loving friendship that they know they will treasure forever not just as cover artists but also the moments they experienced as members of the group. It is! EL!TE is the word that made them together.

The group name is not much familiar especially to the new ones, but they are considered one of the most successful groups in Iloilo Kpop Organization for still staying stronger together until now.

Hoping to see more of EL!TE not just individually but as a group. Cheers for the elites!!!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Individual members of EL!TE accounts, and EL!TE Official Facebook Account.
Videos From: DJentEmpire Official Youtube Account, Rate Works, Kimsshi Official Youtube Channel

Korean Tradional and Modern Fashion Show 2014

Along with Iloilo Kpop Organization’s event (Search for the Next Super Idol 2 and Who Is Next: Kpop Dance Cover Battle) was the annual Korean Fashion Show where they showcase both Traditional and Modern fashion in South Korea.

The fashion show was lead by the Iloilo Korean Community Association in collaboration with MK Academy where ESL students from the said school took over the runway, and of course, fan girls and boys hearts.

Hanbok is Korea’s national costume and like our Barong Tagalog and Baro’t Saya (or Filipiniana) in the Philippines, it also comes in variations.

16 Kids and adults both exhibited different designs of Hanbok from those worn casually by a normal citizen to those worn by the elites from Joseon Dynasty to present.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Aside from the traditional costumes, they also displayed this generation’s style — the Korean Way.

28 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

We all know that nowadays, the Koreans have immersed as fashion icons of the world and so a lot look up in their fashion industry from their idols, actors and actresses to models, which we discern visually from the dramas to their music and variety that are exported to promote their culture all around the planet.

This year’s Korean Fashion Show was one of the highlights of this year’s celebration of the Korean Festival.

We hope to see more of it next year!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Eunice Prudente and Diosa Rodica Facebook Accounts

What Happened During the Korean Festival 2014 in Iloilo?

Korean Festival Week celebration started from September 22-26. From Monday to Friday, a lot of stuff were prepared inside SM City Iloilo to let Ilonggo’s experience the beauty of Korean culture with the showcase of food, arts, talents and fashion.

Iloilo Kpop Organization helped in the showcase of talents with two contests on September 25th. The program started with an opening TROT number. Trot means “folk song” or songs of Koreans during the early 1910s to the 70s.

The emcees Dasmille Buendia and Iveca Ignacio (Iloilo Kpop Organization Staff) also wore their simply-made Hanbok (Korean Traditional Costume) to create a mix of tradition and modernization.


The first contest was the second season of The Search for the Next Super Idol, which has lesser contestants this year than last year due to the schedule of the event, which is a Thursday. It was held on a Saturday last year.

The contestants were:
Nikka covering N of VIXX
Nikka N

Blanche as CL of 2ne1

Blache CL

Crizza as Hyuna of 4minute

Crizza Hyuna

Marc as Taeyang of BIGBANG

Marc Taeyang

The second contest was entitled WHO IS NEXT: KPOP DANCE COVER BATTLE. There were 7 competing groups of girls and boys. There was a twist in their performance. They need to incorporate a first generation idol or a trot song in their performances. Once again, that is to emphasize the mixture of tradition and modernization.

Efix as f(x) – lacking Sulli – dancing to RED LIGHT

efix2 efix

Beat By Arts as Best Absolute Perfect (B.A.P) dancing to ANGEL 1004.

bba2 bba1

C2K as BESTie dancing to HOT BABY

c2k2 c2k

Project A as SECRET dancing to I’m in Love

spice1 projecta2

SPICE covering SPICA


Flair giving Happiness as Red Velvet

flair1 flair2

GeeDee with Girls Generation’s Mr.Mr.

GeeDee2 GeeDee1

The two contests were judged by Sherin Ashtrid Hidayat the president of University of the Philippines Visayas Rhapsody, and a stage actress from Prima Galaw who protrayed Kim of Miss Saigon and Ariel of Little Mermaid;  Carmel Calzar, former Taeyeon cover artist and a member of Philippines’ first Girls Generation cover group TuhTuh Girls; David Quioge, the leader of Iloilo Kpop Organization’s first cover boy group, Kakkoi Boys; and the chief judge was Abz Pajemolin also known as DJuke, who is a well-known hiphop artist in Iloilo and won last year season of the Search for the Ultimate Super Idol as Jay Park.

Blanche Salarda who portrayed the Baddest Female CL won the Search for the Next Super Idol Season 2. Watch her performance:

The Girls Generation cover group, GeeDee, can’t believe with their first 1st Win in years. Watch their performance here:

2nd and 3rd Place in Super Idol 2 were Crizza as Hyuna and Marc as Taeyang while 2nd and 3rd Place in the Kpop Dance Cover Battle were taken by Beat By Arts and Project A.

There was a Korean Fashion Show afterwards with Korean ESL students on the runway and a production number with the emcees and all the contestants.

prod2 prod1

And the show ended with a cover of Jay Park by Abz Pajemolin.

abz2 abz1

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope to see you again next year for another Korean Festival!



Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Eunice Prudente and Diosa Rodica Facebook Accounts
Videos from: Rate Works

NOM Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary in Iloilo


It was September 26~ NOM (No Other Man) was back in Iloilo to join the celebration of the Korean Festival 2014. And of course, September 26 is also the day of their anniversary. How lucky Iloilo fans to celebrate the very special day with them!

Yong Ki, Ah In, K and Yohan performed together on stage as a four-member group (this time without their rapper Hu). They performed their singles “You It You” (Neoya Neo) and “Pretty Noona” (Noona Neomu Yeppeo) with Ah In singing Hu’s part. Though lacking one member, they filled the stage with presence, charisma and talent.

audience2 audience

They also had covers of our favorite KPOP acts such as 2AM “This Song” (I Norae), 2PM’s “Again and Again”, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple”, and their most talked about performance of Sistar’s “Push Push” which made fans stomp their feet with excitement. They also threw back some hits in the 90s and early 2000s with H.O.T and g.o.d songs.

Solo and duo stages were also highlights in the show. Yohan performed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” feat. Ah In on the rap, K sang Micheal Buble’s “Home”, Yong Ki did a solo of Neyo’s “Because of You.” [I'm sorry I don't know the title of Ah In's solo song]

Here are some of their pictures:

ain3 aink ain2 ain1k6Kk1k2k3k4k5

yongkik2 yohan yohan2 yohan3 yohan4 yohan5 yongki1 yongki2 yongki3 yongki4 yongki ain yongkik

perf2 perf

The staff of Iloilo Kpop Organization planned a FAN PROJECT ahead of time to make this day special for the members. With CEO Jung Young Bae’s help, the IKO staff wearing their NOM black bias name shirt (with some other IKO members, who are also NEYBs, wearing white bias name shirt in the audience) surprised them on stage with a cake and a gift (their portraits painted using water color). They were very happy seeing the surprised gift Ilonggo fans have given them.

Here’s the video of what happened:

The painting that was given as their anniversary gift was painted in water color by Ms. Mary Camille Salarda who is famous among Kpop fans in Iloilo for her paintings of EXO members in some exhibits and cafe’s in Iloilo.



A lot of new fans and old NEYBs lined up to have their CDs and posters signed after the show.
sign2 sign3 sign1

The next day, IKO staff were able to say goodbye to them in the hotel before they head to the airport.


Hope they visit Iloilo again next year~~ <3

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos by: Mary Camille Salarda
Video by: Diosa Rodica

Search for the Next SUPER IDOL Open for Season 2


It’s D-8 before September 25 when the participation of Iloilo Kpop Organization for the Korean_filipino Friendship Festival is expected, but another contest is opened — the contest that everyone was expecting, SEARCH FOR THE NEXT SUPER IDOL, for it’s second season.

Last year, DJuke or Abz Pajemolin who covered Jay Park became the Super Idol. Who will be the Super Idol for this year?

This contest is open to all Iloilo Kpop Organization official members and non-members as long as he or she will cover any Korean solo idol or member of any Kpop idol group.

Each contestant will showcase a performance based on the original activities of the idol he or she covers, and like last year will participate in the question and answer portion impersonating his or her idol. Plus, a mini-talent showcase like Korean idols as well. So if you wanna join, ready your acting skills, costume and performance and see you on September 25!

To join, please see Iloilo Kpop Organization group page and fan page FILES or NOTES tab.

Article and poster: Iveca Cale Ignacio

NOM Iloilo Come Back Fan Project


As you all know, NOM will perform once again on SM City Iloilo Event Centre stage on September 26, 2014 at 3pm. It is a sure thing that most Ilonggo fan girls who saw them perform last year are very much excited for their comeback.

Are you one of those excited fan girls or perhaps a fan boy? Are you getting ready on what to do during that day? Have you memorized their first and second singles to sing along with them?

Or are you new and is in the process of getting to know them?

Whatever you are, perhaps you wanna join us in making the NOM members’ hearts flutter in our


1. SHIRTS: Buy or have your own plain WHITE SHIRT and print your NOM member bias Korean name (designs given below for uniformity) in any shirt printing shop you know. Or if you have the NOM shirt printed last year, that is also usable. We will be wearing those shirts during their show.

2. GIFTS: We will giving them memorable gifts so we need MONEY DONATIONS. Our painter friend (Camille Salarda) who is known to draw the EXO XIUMIN oil painting in Comma Cafe will make a portrait painting of NOM. And we will also add some Iloilo memorabilia if there is extra money.

– Money donations at least 50php per person.
– Each person who donated money will be given a banner to cheer for NOM on the day of the event.
– Two ways of donating:
a. Meet up with Ai-Ai Sevillana at Coffee Break beside Nelly’s Garden from 2-4pm every weekdays. Don’t forget to contact her first before going at 09273700935, and give your full name on her list.
b. Collect all your friends’ donations and send to Iveca Cale Ignacio through Palawan Pawnshop Express Padala. Don’t forget to text your full name (and your friends’ names) to Iveca at 09186432607.

We will be taking a picture of the money donations, the gifts and the budgetting breakdown and post it in Iloilo Kpop Organization News Blog after the event.

3. FAN LETTERS: Make a letter for your favorite NOM member or to all members. Write it in a cute stationary. Personally give it to them during the fansigning part of the show. If you aren’t able to join the fansigning, give it to an IKO staff and we will personally give it to them.











We are hoping that a lot of you will participate in this fan project! Again, you also need to buy their CD in order to enter the barricade~ :) Fighting!

[September 2014] Cover Artist of the Month: The Girls of our Generation — GeeDee!


GD — No, it’s not GDragon. It’s in short for GeeDee. And when you say “GEE” what enters your mind? Well, of course, the song that made Girls Generation reach the top when everyone in Korea and all Kpop fans all around the world wore colorful skinny jeans and white tee top.

Yes, we are talking about one of the most successful girl groups in the world, Girls Generation or SeoNyuShiDae (SNSD). And if we count how many cover groups does Girls Generation have in this world, well, they have the most number of cover groups among all the Kpop idol groups. They even have the most cover groups in the Philippines alone, and one of these numerous cover groups is our very own GeeDee.


GeeDee is the start of the second generation cover groups in Iloilo. They are also the second Girls Generation cover group after Tuh Tuh Girls retired. They debuted last May 14, 2011 at the Iloilo Kpop Organization Fourth Gathering with a back to back performance with EL!TE [F(x) cover group] and a production number choreographed by R-ME’s Hyunie.

GeeDee is the first cover group under KISS MEDIA which was founded by Danica Saplagio (IKO President 2014-2015) in 2011 and their performances are choreographed by Markie Salde of Beats By Art. Their first performance was SNSD’s “OH!”



If there is an award for the cover group in Iloilo which had so many member changes, then the title would be given to GeeDee. They change members almost every performance but still manage pull of the girl group’s feel.

The Current Members are the following:


Doanne as Taeyeon
Age: 19
Member of GeeDee since October of 2013.

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/cristeldoanne.palabrica?fref=ts

Karen Joy as Jessica
Age: 14
Member of GeeDee since June 2014

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/karen.lacson.9256?fref=ts
INSTAGRAM: @taekaihart

Karen Alyssa
Karen Alyssa as Tiffany
Age: 17
Member of GeeDee since May 2014

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/karen.daquio.56?fref=ts
TWITTER: @kharenallyssa39
Cristy as Sunny
Age: 15
GeeDee member since May of 2014
Regine as Yuri
Age: 18
GeeDee member since May 2014
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/regine.demonteverde/photos_all
INSTAGRAM: @taoghine
April as Sooyoung
GeeDee member since May 2014
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/nehcnelia?fref=ts
Kristine as Hyohyeon
Age: 14
GeeDee member since May 2014

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kristinefaye.tan?fref=ts
Darlene as Seohyun
Age: 14
GeeDee member since June 2014

INSTAGRAM: @_xxijk
TWITTER: @dyusa88
Past Members:
Alexandria as Jessica

Angel Seraspe
Angel as Taeyeon
April Jardeleza
April as Hyohyeon

Dasmille as Jessica
Florence as Yuri
Irish as Tiffany

Janiley as Hyohyeon

Maxine as Seohyun

Que Ann
Que Ann as Sunny

Shynne as Seohyun

Sidney as Sooyoung

Ailea as Hyoyeon

Kean as Taeyeon
and Septrelyema as Sooyoung and April Rove as Sunny (lost track of their FB names so no pictures indicated).
GeeDee has undergone a lot of amendments in these past three years. If you have been watching them from the start, for sure you have a favorite batch or you might have said that “this batch is better” or “this batch was the best.” And since we have our personal favorites, we get disappointed at times that we can no longer see them perform on stage as GeeDee.

Some of them left for personal reasons, and some of them became members of another cover group like Janiley and Maxine who are now CL and Bom of 5ne1, or Kean who went solo as Juniel (or perform as a temporary member of 5ne1).

Some stayed as a member of the group for a long time like Irish, Dasmille and Steph. Yet, Steph and Dasmille both left the group due to life demands, and Steph was left leading the new group of young members.


GeeDee is an active group performing in each Kpop-related event in Iloilo. Each time they give us a whole package performance with grand costumes patterned from the original Girls Generation, and diving well into their roleplaying of each the member they portray.

Some GeeDee Performances in Iloilo Kpop Organization Events:

IKO Mini-Concert – October 29, 2011 at Red Cross Youth Hall, Iloilo City

Iloilo Kpop Music Awards – September 16, 2012 at River Queen Hotel

KFEST 2012 – September 30, 2012 at SM City Iloilo


Iloilo Kpop Fantasy - February 17, 2013 at SM City Iloilo Event Centre

Kpop High: Back to school with KPOP – June 22, 2013 at SM City Iloilo Event Centre


Bugas sa Lusong Festival – January 18, 2014 at Bugasong, Antique where they collaborated with some members of SHINx to make a group called GeeSHINx.

#FUNKpop – July 26, 2014 at SM City Iloilo

GeeDee also lead a Summer Dance Lessons teaching Girls Generations songs last May 4 to 5, 2014 which has the most attendees among the summer dance classes conducted by iloilo Kpop Organization cover artists.

Other Activities:

Whenever Iloilo Kpop Organization is asked for a favor to give a performance in a non-Kpop event, GeeDee is always present to volunteer their time and talents for a good cause.

They had performances for the events Rotary Club of iloilo, the Department of Health (World AIDS and Diabetes Day), and the Youth Jam.


Iloilo Kpop Dance Cover Contest 2013 – November 29, 2013 at SM City Iloilo Event Centre
This performance showed GeeDee’s hardwork and perseverance as a group.

One example of a large cover group who did not even started as friends is GeeDee. Eventhough they aren’t a group of friends to begin with, they shared a friendship like any other group. They had been through a lot of fights, criticisms, and debates. But nothing beats the happiness they experience and the smiles they show us while performing on stage.

In spite all the member changes, the huge quarrels, the deleterious comments, the problems with teamwork, and the awkward atmospheres, we have seen GeeDee as a stable group who we always expect to bring us ameliorating performances.

GeeDee might not be the Girls Generation cover group that you expect them to be or the great dancers that you want them to be, but with every appearance that they make, and with every motivation that they receive, they will withstand, mounting and enduring.

And as time pass, we hope to see more of what GeeDee can prove and offer to each of us — haters or supporters.

Receiving both good and bad comments, having both good and bad moments, one thing is for sure — GeeDee already made their name unforgotten to every Kpop fan in Iloilo.

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: GeeDee Official Facebook Account and GeeDee members official Facebook accounts.Videos from: HappyKissMedia Youtube Account, iHeartJungSooyeon, fishie101586 천사 Cheonsa.

Not Normal — Iloilo Fangirls will Scream Once Again!

nom-e1396641790135N.O.M. — the five member rookie group who debuted with their single “Noona Neomu Yeppeo” last September 2013 under JM Entertainment and who visited Iloilo last year to promote their album, is now CONFIRMED to be back in Iloilo!

Ready your lungs as K (Kim Hyung In), Yong Gi (Bae Choong Suk), Hu (Min Jung Hu), Yohan (Kim Jung Hwan), and Ah In (Kim Ah In) will be performing in SM City Iloilo Event Centre in the afternoon of September 26, 2014 (exact time will be updated soon).

Iloilo Kpop Organization will be ready for a fan project. For those who want to participate, visit Iloilo Kpop Organization group page or fanpage to be updated! The Fan Project Plan will be posted soon.

For the mean time, enjoy and sing along with their second single, “You It You” (Neoya Neo).






Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio


WHAT IS NEXT for the Annual Participation of I.K.O. in the Korean-Filipino Frienship Festival in Iloilo?


Finally, it is the time of the year when Koreans and Ilonggos get together to celebrate “thanksgiving” which we call “CHUSEOK” in Korea. In Iloilo, September is the Korean-Filipino Friendship month and annually Korean Associations in Iloilo collaborate with SM City to provide a week festival for everyone.

It was only last year when the Iloilo Korean Association and SM City Iloilo combined with MK Academy (Central Philippine University ESL Center) and Iloilo Kpop Organization for a seven day celebration. There were free movies in SM Cinemas, Super Idol Search, Make Up and Cooking Tutorials, Korean Fashion Show, and the invasion of a rookie group in the Kpop scene, N.O.M.

So.. WHAT IS NEXT for this year?

This year, MK Academy collaborated with SM City Iloilo and of course, Iloilo Kpop Organization for another week-long event. This time, there will be a cooking show, Korean inspired booths, dance shows and performances from Ilonggo groups, and nevertheless, the anticipated Kpop cover dance contest.

This year’s KPOP DANCE COVER CONTEST is entitled WHO IS NEXT? KPOP DANCE COVER CONTEST to ask who and what dance cover group will be the next to take the trophy as this year’s champion.

aaThis contest will be judged by MK Academy’s Korean officials. Prizes will be sponsored by SM City iloilo. So who’s excited?


Article and Illustrations by: Iveca Cale Ignacio