[February 2015] COVER ARTIST OF THE MONTH: The Fan Service King — Troua


If Iloilo Kpop Organization would make a survey asking female members of the group on who among the cover artists they want to give chocolates or perhaps who they want to receive flowers from, this Valentine’s Day, I would 100% bet that the winner would be no other than, Troua.

Earvin Julius Yap or also known as Troua in IKO is not just a cover artist but also a well-known name in the Iloilos fashion industry for he is also a model to some famous designers and establishments in Iloilo.

For this month, we are going to explore Troua’s adventure to another chaotic world, which anyone would not think he would be in, his journey as a Kpop cover artist.


Troua debuted during Iloilo Kpop Organization’s 5th Gathering last April 3, 2012. He shocked everyone with his talent and handsome looks as he perfected Rain’s dance routine in “Rainism.”

Awards and Fashion:

By audience and staff votes, he was nominated and held as “Fashionista Namja” during the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012.


Janiley of 5ne1 was the “Fashionista Yeoja” with the emcees Cale of KIMSSHI, yours truly, and Juni of EL!TE).

Having the model background, he was also the main model during the Iloilo-Korean Friendship Festival’s Kpop Fashion Show last September 2012.




Troua later on became a part of BEASTLY (B2STLY), a cover group of BEAST and 2PM, playing both Junho and Gikwang.

b2stly(During their debut stage in Iloilo Kpop Fantasy in February 18, 2013).

(B2STLY – Shadow Dance practice)

As one of the best dancers in the Iloilo Kpop scene, he was chosen to be part of IKO’s dance representative cover boy group, C-UNIT.

(Iloilo Kpop Fantasy opening performance with C-Unit covering DMTN’s “ER”)

Trivia: Troua was the most popular among the people  and Kpop fans of Bugasong, Antique during IKO’s Fifth Anniversary Tour for Bugas sa Lusong Festival in 2014.

(Here’s their EXO Growl” performance)

With SHINx (SHINee cover group) and B2STLY together forms the whole group of EXOul which cover EXO as a whole.

(6-members of EXOul as EXO M in #FUNKpop last July 2014).

Other Performances:

Performing Jay Park’s “Know Your Name” at Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012. Showing that he doesn’t have Rain’s hip moves, but also Jay’s swagger.

Performing EXO’s MAMA with SHINx in Iloilo KFEST 2012.

With his suave performance as Taeyang during The Search for the Ultimate Super Idol at the Iloilo-Korean Friendship Festival 2013.

Collaboration with each member of KIMSSHI during Anigumi Joukai’s Heroes vs Villains Event in October 2012.

Troua also performs EXO Kai’s solo choreography stealing more fan girls hearts.

And last but not the least, lemme share two crucial moments when the crowd during an IKO event went wild watching him.

1. The moment when Troua held the microphone to sing and rap. [Song: BAP’s “Rain Sound” with C-Unit at Iloilo Kpop Fantasy 2012]

2. You have never thought that Troua would dance a girl group song. [Song: Girls Day “Something”; AOA “Miniskirt” with C-Unit + BTS “Boy In Luv”]

Since the day Troua debuted in the Iloilo Kpop scene, we have seen a lot of fangirls and even fanboys post profile pictures in Facebook with him. There would be a long line of fans who would love to have a picture with him in every Kpop event.

Though tired, we have seen Troua say no or push anyone away. That’s why this article is entitled, “The Fan Service King”

Troua isn’t just a pretty face or a tall height, but also a very talented person with a good heart.

We will wait for more cool performances from this guy in the future!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Danica Kato-Kim Facebook Account, Troua Official Fan Page.
Videos From: HappyKissMedia Youtube account, Grace Nerpiol Youtube account, 천사 Cheonsa Youtube account, ahjieof11 Youtube account, troua9999 Youtube account.

KCON Iloilo 2015’s “The Cover Idol Show” to feature Troua, Djuke, BBA and GeeDee


As Iloilo Kpop Organization holds its annual Kpop Convention, several activities and fun events are planned for Ilonggo Kpop enthusiasts, whether member or non-member of the organization, to enjoy.

Once a year, IKO sets a day for a Kpop Convention where members renew their memberships, new fans can register and be part of the organization, Kpop merchandise shops can have their booths and sell collectibles, and cover groups and artists can show their well-practiced performances to bring shouts and spazz from the crowd.

Last year, the “throwback” theme was emphasized showing all generations of idols in the history of Kpop. There is no theme this year, instead, the IKO staff prepared a variety-reality show setting.

First on the list is “The Cover Idol Show” which will be held in the morning of the event. It will start at 10 a.m. (exact time) featuring the most famous Kpop cover artists in Iloilo. Well, those are none other than: The guy who everyone wants to make their profile picture, Troua (Earvin Yap); The guy who always amazes us with tricks on stage, Djuke (Abz Pajemolin); The funniest and most in demand group in IKO, Beat By Arts; and the variety of talented, pretty and sexy girls, GeeDee.

The show is patterned with the famous Korean idol show, Weekly Idol, with a Pinoy twist of course. It will be hosted by yours truly, Iveca Cale Ignacio, and one of the founders of IKO West Visayas State University Chapter, Joseph Marzan.

The talk show will be followed by fun games and prizes, then the afternoon event will be filled with group, entertainment performances, and collaborations from your favorite and newly debuted Iloilo Kpop Organization cover artists. Plus, the winners from Iloilo Kpop Official News Blog’s JOHDA AWARDS 2014!

Tickets will be available next week (February 10, 2015). Only 180 fans can accommodate the venue. So members, tell your entertainment representatives, and those who who do not have entertainments but are members, or non-members who wanna watch and join us, stay updated in our Iloilo Kpop Organization group page for more details.


Article by: iveca Cale Ignacio

original 10

[JANUARY 2015] ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Beating the Arts — B.B.A.


January is the month of festivals, and when it’s festivals, in Iloilo Kpop Organization, there is one group that when present, will create a very “festive” mood. This month, we will be talking about the group who was never absent in any Kpop event in Iloilo, and the group who is always ready to perform in any invitation any time, any place.

The mood-makers of the iloilo Kpop scene, Beat by Arts.

Members and Pre-debut:

Beat By Arts or B.B.A. is a cover group who started with five members originally covering SHINee. These guys did not start as Kpop fans, but was influenced by KIMSSHI and found themselves in loved with the genre and the passion of performing.

But what are they before they became Kpop cover artists?

Well, they are a group of friends that are Otakus and cosplayers from Anigumi Joukai (a cosplay guild in Iloilo). And up until now, they are spreading the love for Kpop by performing and giving fun intermission numbers during cosplay events in iloilo.

B.B.A. originally stands for “Bouncer Bugaw Boys” to give everyone laughter in a thanksgiving event in Anigumi Joukai. But they changed it to “Beat By Arts” to make a serious group.

Original members:

arc Louise
– former leader of BBA
– former IKO staff
– one of the first members of IKO representative dance group, C-Unit
– Taeyang cover artist
– won “Best Cover Group Member” in Iloilo kpop Music Awards 2012
– 3rd Place in The Search for the Next Super Idol 2014

Shinagawa Daichi
– former leader of BBA
– co-founder of One Entertainment
– main idea-maker of BBA’s girl group dances
– currently in Japan

amon a.k.a Arc
– former lead dancer of BBA
– currently in Malaysia

– currently in Canada

– member of IKO representative dance group, C-Unit
– known in IKO for his signature pose (right arm raised beside head), making other well-known cover group Super Simple, and Korean boy group NOM pose like him in a picture.

Current/Reoccurring Additional Members:


- usually behind the stage and works with song mixes and videos of BBA

– lead dancer of BBA
– former IKO staff
– choreographer of GeeDee and KM Dolls
– leader and choreographer of various IKO flashmobs
– member of IKO representative cover dance group, C-Unit

Airouh a.k.a. Ron-ron
– received “Cover Boy Award” (Best-looking cover boy group member) in Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012
– chosen as “Most Valuable Player” for IKO Olympics 2014

– current leader of BBA
– last member of IKO representative cover dance group, C-Unit
– member of IKO representative singing artists, S-Unit




Former Member:

– member of IKO representative dance group, C-Unit
– now a member of Iloilo sing and dance group, BEYOND


They debuted as a five-member cover group during Iloilo Kpop Organization 4th Gathering dancing to SHINee’s Lucifer in 2011 with Marc Louise as the leader, Vicente, Daichi, Kevin and Arc.

But they were more recognized when Ian and Karlo joined the group and covered Boyfriend’s Boyfriend in Iloilo Kpop Organization Mini-concert in September 29, 2011.

As stated above, BBA is the cover group who is always present and ready to perform in any IKO event, IKO-invited event, and advocacy events in partnership with IKO. Given that, they have performed in numerous events plus their performances in Anigumi Joukai.

To give an overview, here are some of their memorable performances:

As Super Junior

Appearing with ten members on stage, they help in the narration of Kpop’s history by protraying Super Junior and covering their famous songs and dance moves in KFEST 2012 at SM City Iloilo.

As B.A.P.

They found the idol group that they would love to cover for a long time with Best.Absolute.Perfect (B.A.P), With this, their covers are well applauded and they even achieved some awards.

“Crash” during Korean Festival: Kpop Fashion Show last September 2012

Performing “Stop It’ for IKO 6th Gathering – A Kpopin Christmas in December 2012.

Covering “No Mercy” in Iloilo Kpop Fantasy Concert at SM City last February 17, 2013

“One Shot” performance in Back to School with Kpop last June 22, 2013.

Change in Leader:

BBA started with Marc Louise as the leader. But with Marc being busy going back and forth Manila-Iloilo, having lesser time to practice and lead the group, they decided to put Daichi in the leader position.

Daichi was the leader for a long time and managed to lead the group well until he got married and went back to Japan. He then turned over the leader’s position in early 2014 to their new member Merk, who is now the current leader of the group.

Change in Entertainment Group:

They debuted in the Iloilo Kpop scene under the biggest entertainment group in Iloilo Kpop Organization, Kiss Media. But after over two years, they left Kiss Media with a good heart, and on June 2014, they combined with former Ledal Sound cover artists and created a new entertainment group named One Entertainment.


They were featured in the August 7, 2012 issue of The Daily Guardian.

(Too bad, the link for that issue online was already taken out by the site)

They gathered several awards during the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012.

Airouh was given the “Cover Boy” award as the best-looking cover boy group member.

Marc voted as the “Best Cover Group Member”

hosen as the “Best Cover Boy Group”

Let’s watch their performance of B.A.P’s “Power” wearing their BBA blakc jackets patterned with B.A.P’s during the awards ceremony proving that they deserve the award given to them.

For two consecutive years, they took home trophies from Kpop Dance Cover Contests:

Their winning performance of B.A.P’s “Warrior” taking home First Place for KFEST 2013
Kpop Dance Cover Contest: Boy Group Song Category

Taking home Second Place for Korean-Filipino Festival 2014 Who Is Next: Kpop Dance Cover Contest


BBA loves supporting other cover groups and artists so they always lend their time and talents to create fun and lively stages.

Assisting Myrtle Gail Sarrosa in her performance of 4minute’s “Hot Issue during IKO 5th Gathering.

Front act during Iloilo Pop Concert 2012

with 5ne1 for “I Love You” by 2ne1 in IKMA 2012

with KM Project’s “Bounce” by JJ Project in IKMA 2012

Marc and Arc with Cale of KIMSSHI “Good Day” by IU in KFEST 2012

with EXODIA “Jeon Won Diary” by T-ARA N4 in Back to School with KPOP 2013

with Troua and KIMSSHI in Anigumi Joukai’s Heroes vs Villains Event

Advocacy Participation:

Being always present, BBA had been Iloilo Kpop Organization’s representative in almost all IKO partnership with various government and health organization events. They also participated in some advocacy events out of IKO.

Main leaders and choreographers of Iloilo Kpop Organization Flashmob to celebrate the Korean-Filipino Friendship Festival in SM City Iloilo.

ish Upon A Star event of the Rotary Club of Iloilo

orld Diabetes Day 2013 Flashmob at Robinsons Mall Iloilo.

outh Jam 2013

Words are not enough to describe BBA. This article is actually boring, opposite to what and who they really are in person. You have to experience meeting them and be with them before you could literally picture out the “festive mood” that was mentioned above.

Each and every member of this group, whether former or current, has a unique characteristic that is neither histrionic nor narcissistic but will definitely get everyone’s attention. And if there is one cover group that will never be forgotten and will always be remembered by the people and fans who would go to Kpop events in Iloilo, it would be them, BBA.

BBA members are not the usual dancers you imagine like those you see in ABDC or Showtime. They are not the best, the absolute, or the perfect when it comes to dance moves and synchronization. They are not even the best-looking boy group. However, they are a group that could prove that dancing and performing isn’t just for dancers, but for people who loves to dance and perform. They are the living proof that an entertaining, enjoyable, amusing and pleasant performance can also be given by passion itself.

And though their had been a lot of ups and downs with their roller-coaster ride friendship, we are still hoping for more growth and learning for them.

Like their name, they are fighting, striving and trying to move following every beat of the art of music.


original 10

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Iloilo Kpop Organization Facebook Fanpage, Beat By Arts Official Fanpage, Official Facebook Account of each member of BBA
Videos From: iHeartJungSooYeon Youtube Channel, Rate Works Youtube Channel, HappyKissMedia Youtube Channel, Iloilo Kpop Organization Youtube Channel, AngryMarkH Youtube Channel

JOHDA! Awards 2014 — Vote Here.


Here comes again the Iloilo Kpop Official News Blog’s Anniversary Celebration annual event. It’s the blog’s 5TH ANNiVERSARY and like last year, we will be presenting awards to those Ilongo Kpop Cover Artists that made the Iloilo Kpop Scene wonderful and more colorful.

Last year, we gave awards to three categories: Favorite Solo Cover Artist, Favorite Cover Rookie Group and Favorite Cover Group. This year, another category will be added and that is “Favorite Cover Performance” where memorable and most applauded performances from different IKO events during the year are nominated.

FAVORITE — because it doesn’t mean that the winner is the best, but it means that the winner is the one who caught the audience’s hearts. And FAVORITE because JOHDA! means “I LIKE THAT!”

And so we need YOU to tell us who deserves to be given the TITLE for each category.



1. The nominees are only based on the active cover artists during the whole year.

2. You may think you voted a lot of times as you refresh the page, but your vote is only counted ONCE every 24 hours.

3. Voting starts at January 5, 2015 midnight and ends on January 30. 2015 midnight.

4. Awards will be given and results will be announced on IKO’s first event of the year, SOON to be promoted.

5. Results of the poll is not and cannot manipulated by the writers main author of this blog.

6. Results will be posted in this blog after the first IKO event of the year.

7. Prizes given to the winners are not MONETARY or GRAND. Simple certificates and memorabilia are given for the writers of this blog does not get any money by posting articles.

8. This is purely for FUN so do not feel bad if you didn’t win.

9. You can promote to ask others to vote for your favorites as well even if he or she isn’t a member of IKO or not a Kpop fan.

10. VOTE wisely!

[December 2014] ARTIST OF THE MONTH: The First Ilonggo Solo Cover Artist — Djuke

abzWho would think that a famous Ilonggo Hip-hop artist and dance choreographer would find fun in Kpop as an enthusiast and a cover artist?

Of course, since the birth of Seo Taiji and the Boys, which was also covered once by our featured artist for this month, Hip-hop and Kpop made an irresistible bond that many have found it cool and addictive to watch and listen to.

Some of us do not know that Hip-hop had originated way way back (that I don’t know when) from the underground scene and then evolved hundreds or thousands of times as it became more and more familiar when it was brought to the mainstream.

But we won’t be discussing about Hip-hop and its history because I, myself, the writer, have not enough knowledge about it (you can ask well known underground Hip-hop artists if you know some or watch a documentary by the National Geographic Channel or might as well Google it, perhaps, if you are very interested about it).

Djuke — his cover name as a Kpop cover artist given by his entertainment group DJ Empire, but he’s known as Abz Pajemolin by a lot of people in Iloilo. An architect by the day, a dancer/choreographer at night, and a Kpoper in the weekends.


Prior from his debut in Iloilo Kpop Organization as a solo artist, he was once a back-up dancer of the first generation Iloilo cover girl group R-Me in the Iloilo Kpop Festival 2011 in SM City Event Centre last January 29, 2011.

In addition to that, some videos of him dancing to Taeyang songs were uploaded in the internet. Too bad, those were pulled out now and are nowhere to be found.


His first performance as Jay Park, who is much likely the same as him in terms of body and being a B-boy, was during the Iloilo Kpop Mini-concert last September 29, 2011 at the Red Cross Hall where he also shared stages with his fellow artists in DJ Empire and showed us his break dancing skills.

His first performance video couldn’t be found but here are his video covers of Jay Park’s Know Your Name (EL!TE members as his back-up dancers):




Voted as BEST SOLO COVER ARTIST at the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012.


Winning the title of the THE ULTIMATE SUPER IDOL 2013 last September of 2013 for the Iloilo-Korean Friendship Festival.

2 1

Fans went wild when Djuke took off his shirt in the middle of his performance, and another “Take Off Shirt” scene when he received the award from Manila’s famous cover group SUPER SIMPLE. He showed the proof of his name ABZ as you can see in the picture.

He then became the head judge for the THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT SUPER IDOL 2014 and WHO IS NEXT: KPOP DANCE COVER CONTEST in this year’s Iloilo-Korean Friendship Festival.

Some Memorable Performances:

As a guest performer during INFINITY PRODUCTION’s “iPOP CONCERT”, he performed EXO Kai’s Machine and showed us some dance breaks.

Djuke’s cover of Jay Park’s I LOVE YOU at the KPOP FEST 2012

A collab with Infinity Productions and Ledal Sound artists for NS Yoon Ji and Jay Park’s IF YOU LOVE ME at the IKO 6th Gathering A KPOPIN CHRISTMAS

One of Djuke fans most favorite performances is his cover of JOAH at the KPOP HIGH: BACK TO SCHOOL WITH KPOP last June 2013

The SEO TAIJI performance during REPLY KPOP LEGENDS and the SO GOOD performance during the Kpop Festival 2014 were also awesome and unforettable. Wasn’t able to find links of them though :(

DJ Entertainment and Choreography:

As the oppa-slash-hyung-slash-sunbae of his ent-mates in DJ Entertainment, he usually acts as a back up dancer of their performances. Moreover, he is in charge of making fun stages with his fellow cover artists in their production numbers, and here are some of those:

at KPOP FEST 2012


at #FUNKpop

Djuke was one of the main members of Iloilo Kpop Organization used-to-be representative cover dance group C-UNIT who even performed at I.K.O.’s 5th Anniversary Tour in Bugasong, Antique last January 18, 2014.

Abz or Djuke might be criticized by a lot of people for being part of the Iloilo Kpop scene from being a well-known Kpop artist, but he is proud of being part of it. He would usually say, “Iba ang appreciation sa Kpop” (Appreciation in Kpop is different).

There are some who would even give him bad comments for winning those awards mentioned above saying he isn’t the one who deserves them, but still, though not as expressive as others, his supporters in the Iloilo Kpop world remained stable and even multiplied.

Djuke isn’t one of the pretty faces, Djuke isn’t the best dancer, Djuke isn’t even proud of his age and height. BUT.. a capitalized BUT.. Djuke has pretty heart, Djuke has so many talents, Djuke is the only professional dancer in IKO who even trained with international choreographers, and most of all..

Djuke shows what PASSION is all about.

KUDOS to Djuke!
KUDOS to Abz Pajemolin!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: DJ Empire Official Page, Danica Kato-Kim Facebook Account.
Videos from: DJ Empire Official Youtube Account

Behind the Scenes during IKO OLYMPICS 2014

If you didn’t come and watch IKO Olympics 2014, then you missed the fun! But for you, we will post some behind the scenes (behind the games) pictures of the whole day event.


yellow time out 10624703_10205464418958766_7203933329198805208_n
The blue and yellow team were very passionate during the Volleyball game that they made use of their time out’s well, and did a lot of fighting to increase their spirits.

bts13 pres danica

IKO President Danica went back to Iloilo from Manila just to be part of the event. Tara of 5ne1 who has been busy and in hiatus for months went to give support to her members and the red team.


Red team waiting for their lunch to arrive.



Need I say a word? It’s Troua of course and the picture defines it all.


Coach Airouh (BBA) in the court. Look at the glint in his eyes. Scary!


Our favorite guy Vicente (BBA) posing for the camera. Did you change your signature pose already?
By the way, his name at the back of his shirt was “Vic (Law-ay)” which was used to tease him the whole time during the event.



Sleeping in the middle of the day was Andrew (B2STLY). Where were the ANDREWscores during this time?


Stephy (GeeDee) still all excited even at the last hour of the event. Not to mention, her remarkable cheers and yells for the Basketball game was daebak.



Dory’s (5ne1) HAIR SALON and Markie’s (BBA) Palm Tree Hairstyle.


Where did the ball go?


Coz Miss founder (yours truly) wanted to play even just once in Volleyball.
Louine to Iveca: “Fiber, indi na pag-intra! Maluoy ka sa team tah!”


Blanche (CL/El!te) and troua’s cute David and Goliath moment.


Can you believe who these two were against? It was two guys vs one girl. Merk and Vic (BBA) vs Kristine (GeeDee) — and there the word “threesome” became the word for the day.


IKO Staff long-sleeves competition.





The most EPIC FALL. Guess who’s in the picture!

And those were some of the behind the games moments during the IKO OLYMPICS 2014. If you want more then see other pictures from Facebook accounts of those who attended! And don’t forget to join us next time~

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos by: Louine Hope Conserva, ML Bravo, Maxine Angeles Facebook accounts.

IKO Olympics Results and Highlights

For the first time in Iloilo Kpop Organization’s history, a cover idol athletics championship was held last November 23, 2014 called IKO OLYMPICS 2014.

As mentioned in the previous article, many Ilonggo cover artists and IKO staff participated and gave some fun and laughter to everyone in Iloilo Sports Complex last Sunday.

third place yellowteam

yellowteam yellowteam2
YELLOW PIRATES (SHINx, Flair, Bang200, with IKO Staff Danica, Pearl, Anjie and Ai-ai)

redteam2 redteam reddevils
RED DEVILS (5ne1, RuVIXX, After Shock, Jed Lim, Kaina with IKO Staff Dasmille and Cindy — don’t mind Zianne of Blue Team at the left side)


blueteam2 blueteam
BLUE PHOENIX (BBA, El!te, Spades and DjT with IKO Staff Mark, Gwen, Jielyn and Zianne)


10665058_856893631009418_7582504741853433746_n 10801716_856893461009435_7656841322571800053_n

GREEN SAMURAI (B2STLY, GeeDee, Project A, Djuke with IKO Staff Iveca and Louine)

Due to the rain, the opening ceremony was cancelled including the oath taking and parade. They went directly to the first game.

Based on drawlots, the teams who fought against each other were:


Here are some highlights and results of the event:



The highest pointer during the whole game is Andrew from B2STLY scoring at least 12 points in two games (versus red team and blue team).

basket highlights3

Airouh from BBA, also one of the best pointers, during the game showed his skills doing jump shots and lay ups. He also lend a hand to the red team who needs a coach for having no guy in the team.

basket highlights2

Djuke (Abz Pajemolin) and Marfe of BBA also showed their basketball skills during the game. And not just that, they are the rivals during the event. They played head to head in basketball, and they were also the last runners of their teams during the baton relay.

basket highlights

Another unexpected player during the event was yellow team’s no.33, a member of BANG200. He was fast and precise that made the game against the blue team more challenging.

basketball green

The Green Samurai team was the winner of the Basketball Game scoring 26:20 against the Blue Phoenix. The Green Samurai Basketball team was made up of B2STLY members Troua, Andrew, Oliver, Zanny and Jibih with Irish of GeeDee and Shannen of Project A, and Djuke.


chickenfight blue vs yellow chicken fight green vs red

The Tug of War was turned into one of Korea’s traditional games “Chicken Fight”. Many did not know how to play the game at first, but turned out to be really good at it.

cf highlights2cf highlights

1 chickenchicken

Best Chicken Fighters were: The one who used his stable build — Vicente of BBA from Blue Team, The very strategic and fierce fighter — Jed Lim from Red Team, The one who stayed quiet until no one’s left — Darren of Bang 200 from Yellow Team, and the only fierce girl who stayed alive until the end — Kristine of GeeDee from Green Team.

Yellow Team was the winner of the Chicken Fight. It was a close and intense fight between the two members of Bang200 and Jed Lim.


1 garter

1 garterr

The most flexible people from each team fought for the Chinese Garter Game. The first place went to Djuke who successfully made flips to pass the highest stage. 2nd goes to the Yellow Pirates, 3rd to the Blue Phoenix and last to the Red Devils.


1 volleyy

Green Samurai’s ace was JV of B2STLY. He helped the team win with his powerful spikes.

1 volleyball 1volley
Blue Phoenix was so enthusiastic with this game that IKO Staff Mark who is one of their ace players had a minor accident while playing the game. Fortunately, he was not injured and was able to come back during the next set.

vb highlights1

The Red Devils still fought despite lacking members to sub. Though they didn’t win the game, they fought a good fight against the green team.

1 volley 1 volleyb]

The Yellow Pirates were unexpectedly great players. Turned out that they are varsity and used-to-be players during their school days including IKO current president, Danica Saplagio.

The championship round was full of excitement as Green and Yellow Team played against each other even causing TIEs for three times during the first set. Green Team was the winner of this category.


baton relay
Blue Phoenix won in the Baton Relay when Marfe of BBA overtook Djuke from Green Samurai for a couple of milliseconds.


The MVP awards were given to the male and female players who showed their competitiveness, reliability and talent during the whole day event.

mvp yeoja mvp namja

MVP Yeoja was Shannen of Project A from Green Samurai, and MVP Namja was Airouh of BBA from Blue Phoenix.

These are the over-all scores of each team:

1st Place — GREEN SAMURAI (45 points)
Complete Attendance: 5 points
Basketball: 10 points
Chicken Fight: 3 points
Chinese Garter: 10 points
Volleyball: 10 points
Baton Relay: 7 points

2nd Place — BLUE PHOENIX (42 points)
Complete Attendance: 10 points
Basketball: 7 points
Chicken Fight: 5 points
Chinese Garter: 5 points
Volleyball: 5 points
Baton Relay: 10 points

3rd Place — YELLOW PIRATES (32 points)
Complete Attendance: 7 points
Basketball: 5 points
Chicken Fight: 10 points
Chinese Garter: 7 points
Volleyball: 7 points
Baton Relay: 3 points

4th Place — RED DEVILS (24 points)
Complete Attendance: 3 points
Basketball: 3 points
Chicken Fight: 7 points
Chinese Garter: 3 points
Volleyball: 3 points
Baton Relay: 5 points

The punishment was given to the Red Devils who scored the lowest over-all. The punishment was putting clothespin in their faces and pulling them simultaneously.


Congratulations to the winning team! To all those who did not win, there is still a next time.

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Louine Hope Conserva, Mario Lorenzo Bravo, Maxine Angeles Facebook Accounts