TTG and R-ME official statement about the rivalry issue

Iloilokpop News Blog asked the two groups and their managers for their comments regarding the rivalry and the poll which was conducted by these blog last week.

“I never expected that it will turn out to something like this. Before I left my house, there were 20 comments, and when I got back, there were 200 plus of those! I was really shocked and at the same time, amused. I had no idea that fans could get crazy like that. But amidst, all the issues, we just want them to know that R-ME and TTG are good friends.. ^.^”

statement from MAJOR Jaezel (hazel) of R-ME.

“We’ll, actually, at first I thought the poll was just merely for fun no harm intended so it didn’t really bother  me that much. But ten things started to happen and all of a suddenfans were going crazy and fighting over silly things! i just hope they’d stop the madness already X.X I just want you guys to know that R-ME and TTG are really good friends, and we’ll soon prove that to each and everyone of you. Thank you and please keep supporting us all. Thank you!”

statement from Hyunie (april) of R-ME.

“due to the incident that is/was happening at the poll conducted by the iloilo kpop central which was about “who’s better? R-ME or TTG?”, I, as CEO of DJent, would like to emphasize the strong bond of friendship R-ME and TTG has. Their is NO BAD rivalry between them both are really good friends which is evident during meet-ups and gatherings and they are even planning a collaboration in the future. to those people who’re comparing them, we would like to thank you for comparing roookie R-ME with TTG who’re veterans in the kpop COVER scene. we would like to express our apologies to TTG for giving them burdens because of our supporters.”


“In behalf of the TTG, I, Kim Raemi (also known as SUNBAE IVECA of the ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION) and the holder of PROJECT ENTERTAINEMENT, would like to express to everyone that the TTG were alarmed by the feedbacks that fans and haters posted in the poll. They would like to prove to everyone that TTG and R-ME are not just good friends but also good colleagues in the KPOP COVER SCENE and ILOILO KPOP WORLD. They respect and support each other despite rivalry and the competition. Competitions are common and drive everyone to work hard so it’s positive to both groups. We are sad that school rivalries are involved in the comments and some bashed that hurt both groups.  As the creator of the poll, I would like to extend my apology to both groups. The poll was made for fun and I didn’t expect it to be this serious that it reach 469 comments. I already deleted it to stop the chaos.”


Both TTG and R-ME gained something from this incident. It made their friendship stronger and humbled their souls. Both are aspiring KPOP cover groups. They are not made aiming for recognition or fame, but they are made for friendship. These groups are loved by true blooded iloilo kpop fans andthis site was made to give tribute to each and every iloilo kpop fan who expresses him or herself using his or her talent to show love for KPOP.

TALENTS and SKILLS come together. GOD gave us those. NO PERSON has NO TALENT. BEUTY, BRAINS, BODY are given to everyone equally. NO MORE, NO LESS. It’s for you as the person who was given to appreciate it. EVERYONE IS SEXY< EVERYONE IS INTELLIGENT< EVERYONE IS TALENTED. REMEMBER THAT!

And for fame? It’s a matter of what David in the bible said, “It will all go in vain!”

C’mon! tell me! Who remembers the name of his or her grandfathers’s father? or the name of his or her grandfather’s grandfather? See!

So let’s all be humble and support each other. Remember, GOD GAVE US FAILURES TO BE HUMBLE!


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