oh my god! Shiella is with Seulong?

okay, I know Raemi went to Manila and took a picture with Richrd Poon stating that it’s Micky Yoochun, but we all know that it’s RICHARD POON!
But guess what? she shared something in this blog… it’s a picture of Shiella (if you don’t know her, she’s one of the DBSK girls/fangirls singing DBSK songs during the 2nd gathering while waving a red balloon, blue dolphin stuff toy and a DBSK tarpaulin on hand) with 2AM member Seulong.

Whoa! how could she have a picture with Seulong? Does this mean that they’ve already seen each other personally? she attended a

2AM showcase? She went to Korea? what? Raemi stated, “well guess what, they’re together…”

is this for real?

Raemi will just laugh hard for it’s something she ships…
oh.. people she ships.

“I’m a Seulong-Shiella loveteam shipper!” still laughing about what she did. “I just found a picture of Yoobin and Seulong, and saw this picture of Shiella having the same pose as Yoobin so tada~perpekto! SHEULONG MGA KAPATID!!!”

See the pictures here:


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