KAKKOI BOYS and TUH TUH GIRLS in one project?

March 26, 2010 at exactly 5:30pm, CEO’s of Nana-chan Productions, T1 Entertainment and Project Entertainment along with 4 members of the KKB and 5 members of the TTG got together to plan a huge project in which these two famous group will collaborate.

The three companies along with the talents brain-stormed and made a big decision of making a MUSIC VIDEO in which these two groups could showcase their other sides. It’s something new since it will be TTG’s first project after they declared that they won’t be singing again.

April 6, 2010, the two groups met early in the morning to shoot this much-awaited MV.

Posted on their fanpages in facebook,

“haaaaaaaaaaaaiiii! so tiring, yet we enjoyed. ^_^ yipee.. our nxt vid is indeed coming. watch out 4 it.”

haiiiiii! daw ma patay nku sa kapoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phew!!! d normal ang trip! Tuh Tuh GirlsKakkoii Boys. halong! GJ!”

What could be this exciting and tiring project they had? yah it’s a music video! but what song? what’s in the video? well find that out soon!



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