KIMSSHI comes back with UGLY and I AM THE BEST covers

KIMSSHI AUGUST 31 Performance

AUGUST 31, 2011 in SM CITY ILOILO EVENT CENTRE, KIMSSHI came back with a separate sing and dance performances for the CYBER MONTH with Anigumi Joukai.

They opened with a part of HATE YOU (2ne1) and sang UGLY (2ne1). Although, Angel, forgot the lyrics in the second part, they managed to pull it off til the end of the song with the same air they always have everytime they perform. As Martine commented, “Pa-piho-piho lang ah!”

After the song performance, they dance a mix of In the Night Sky (After School Red), Goodbye Baby (Miss A), Bubbly Pop (Hyuna), Dr. Feel Good (Rania) and lastly, an explosion of I AM THE BEST (2ne1) ending their performance with facial expressions saying “OH MY GOD!”

Check out their stage:


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