ILOILO KPOP MINI-CONCERT was a great success!

Iloilo KPOP cover and pop groups and artists united for the first ILOILO KPOP MINI-CONCERT held at Red Cross Youth Training Center, Iloilo City last October 29, 2011.

DJ Entertainment, KISS Media and Infinity Productions showcased their talents in dancing and singing in front of the KPOP fanatic crowd and their parents.

The crowd enjoyed cheering for the powerful girl group dances of R-ME, GeeDee, Miss U, 5ne1 and Mdolls. They went crazy during BBA’s Boyfriend performance; awed by the breath-taking B-BOYing moves of Djuke and DS. Electrified by the voices of KIMSSHI and EL!TE; and most of all went KILIG with the new boys in the house, BEYOND who showed us sing and dance performances.

Family collaboration performances of each entertainment were also showcased during the event: The fun Hot Issue and Mr. Simple of KISS Media, the sessionistas-theme song numbers of Infinity productions and the mouth-opening hiphop finale of DJ Entertainment.

[credits: Chalcedon Senor, Yann Escuadra, Dasmille Buendia’s facebook accounts for the pictures]


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