KIMSSHI performed in FREDDY’s CAFE in cute pink dresses

With pink cute dresses, KIMSSHI entered Freddy’s Cafe, located in Sarabia Manor Hotel Iloilo, and greeted everyone inside. They were greeted by a zombie portrayed by the very sexy cosplay from Manila, Stephanie Elaine Perez last October 29, 2011.

Freddy’s Cafe had a buffet event for the Halloween Season and they invited cospayers to make the event more meaningful.

Who are they cosplaying? The girls with same dreams as them. The girls from the anime, LOVELY IDOL — Aya Hiwatari, Yui Arisugawa and Mina Hojo.

KIMSSHI sang two song that night — Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” (English Version by MoA) and Wishlist by APink.

Technicalities are the usual problem that they have to share a microphone.

Videos will be uploaded soon. For now, let’s check out some photos:

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