I.K.O. is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary!

February 2, 2009 — seven girls namely Iveca, Raiza, Carmel, Christelle, Emy, Zai and Shiella  who had passion to bring KPOP in Iloilo talked about how to make a gathering that would bring all Iloilo KPOP fans together. They started with saving money and putting them all together to create a budget that would lessen the price of the tickets and buy prizes for games.

The first gathering was held in MOYEORA, a Korean restaurant in Jaro last May 16, 2009. It was a collaboration of KPOP and JPOP fans since the group was nervous that maybe maybe only few will attend the said event. There were 65 people who attended the gathering and there were so much food. The place was small yet everything was fun.

Then comes the second gathering held last   December 5, 2009. It was held in AMIGO TERRACE HOTEL. A lot of disappointment during that time.. place, food, etc. Competition also started with groups. Well, competitions are healthy.

Not until the FT ISLAND CONCERT in Manila last March 5, 2010, where the sunbaenims had a lot of memorable experiences, when Iveca, Raiza, Dannielle, Mimi with the help of Princes made an official name of the group, ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION.

The third gathering in WESTTOWN HOTEL last April 25, 2010 was the most dramatic of all. Yes, it was successful. A lot of disappointments, too. Of course, a lot tears shattered and hurtful words said. But everyone learned from that.

The ILOILO KPOP FESTIVAL held in SM City Event Centre last January 29, 2011 was the most chaotic. Anime Cosplayers from ANIGUMI JOUKAI helped differentiate Anime and KPOP Cosplay. It was the first of I.K.O to spread the word of KPOP in Iloilo in a very public place.

The fourth gathering last May 14, 2011 in MO2 Ica Smallville was also phenomenal with new groups and special guests in the scene.

The last event was the chaotic yet successful Iloilo KPOP Mini-Concert last October 29, 2011 where a lot of new cover groups and Iloilo local pop/dance groups debuted and showcased their talents. That event was for charity.

In the past years, there were a lot of fangirling and fanboying unforgettable moments each member of I.K.O. was involved. Each of the members has their own funny yet fulfilling stories. Ask one and he or she have something to share.



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