Four New Cover Groups to Debut in Pink Invasion!

Pink Invasion Poster

Iloilo KPOP Organization is going to have its FIFTHE GATHERING entitle PINK INVASION on MARCH 4, 2012 and of course, in every gathering, there are always performances. Many cover groups made their first performances during gatherings.

The TuhTuh Girls made their first appearance during the first gathering, the Kakkoi Boys and R-ME on the second, KIMSSHI on the third, Miss U on the KPOP Festival, GeeDee and EL!TE during the fourth, and others during the mini-concert. This time, four new groups from different Iloilo KPOP entertainment companies will be introduced.

This article is made to give you a hint on what these groups are:

DJ Entertainment’s [FU]xian is a 6 member group. Their name is a combination of FUSION and ASIAN. They don’t cover any specific group.

Infinity Production’s GIRLFRIEND is a sing and dance group. Infinity will transform from being cute to oozing hot with these girls. A new local group to build up.

Kiss Media’s KM Dolls is a large number girl group that will cover A-Pink.

Another five-member girl group will be added in the list. They do not belong to any entertainment yet. They are under an I.K.O. officer and hopefully, they will have a contract with any of I.K.O’s entertainment in the future.

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