KIMSSHI and BBA collaboration

(NOTE: This is my blog so I’ll be writing using the first person)

I, leader of KIMSSHI, Cale, along with BBA members Marc and Arc performed together in the recent Anigumi Joukai’s Cosplay Cafe “Lovestruck.”

I sang five songs: MYMP’s “For all of My Life” and “No Ordinary Love”, Juris’s “If You and I” which the Korean version was originally sang by Taeyeon of SNSD, and IU’s “Someday” and “Good Day.”

Since I cosplayed IU (though they said I look more like a PUMPKIN), I decided to sing two of IU’s songs. Marc and Arc dance with me in my performance of “Good Day.” I need to drag them along with me since the other two KIMSSHI members can’t make it (they have exams).

Getting the high note is fine but prolonging the notes are not my strength, so I just finished the three-octave notes in a shorter way.

Though I forgot some of my lyrics in the other songs, I’m still happy that I managed to get a good number of applause from the audience everytime a song ends.

Another remarkable thing was when three Korean men were in the audience and I was singing Someday, I forgot one line in the second verse, but I received their appreciation as I ended the song. Gamsahamnida~

For the record, I saw post in my facebook timeline the next day:

“Love your voice!! ♥ Hope to see you again soon


To share my performance, here it is:


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