Iloilo KPOP Merchandise Sale was a SUCCESS

For two days, last February 16 and 17, in  University of San Agustin, the Iloilo KPOP Organization participated in the U-week of the said university. Along with UNITAS, the organization had a booth where KPOP merchandise were sold.

There were lots of fan products. The most popular were the KPOP lanyars, mobile straps, pictures, keychains and bookmarks.

IKO admins and members also took time to act as sellers and to lighten up the vibe. of course, sitting the whole day as a seller is so boring. With co-KPOP fans around, it isn’t.

Happy moments, KPOP chikkas, even dancing and singing on the spot. The best thing of all was meeting new KPOP fans and knowing that there are a lot more out there that do not know the org yet.

Wishing to have more members in the future.

For pictures during that day, here they are:

(Danica of Kiss Media While setting up stuff)

(The hard-working admins, April of RME and Lorraine of Kiss Media were in charge of the booth)

(The KPOP merchandise)

(Admins and members bonding)

(Cindy Sunbaenim taking a picture with Baby Dongwon <3)

(After the event, IKO admins and members had the time of their lives playing with BALLOONS and BUBBLES — *sings* under the sea~~~)


One thought on “Iloilo KPOP Merchandise Sale was a SUCCESS

  1. Im a kpop fan who is a student of the University of San agustin and I was wondering if you guys are planning to join the next U-week? It would really be daebak if you guys could join! A lot of students are kpoppers and I know some of them too. ^_^

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