THE LEGENDARY I.K.O. Paper Poster!

Take a look at the picture below, can you find the poster that could tell you that this place is for ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION?

Yes, that simple yet colourful poster made up of cut cartolina. That poster was made by the very dedicated I.K.O. admin Danica Sapliago. And yes, it looks like that… simple, faded, and old.

But do not take it for granted coz that poster means a lot. It was made by Danica more than a year ago, and it is already seen by some of our favorite KPOP idols who went in the Philippines to have a concert.

It was seen by Ukiss, Rain, Beast, etc. (Just think of those KPOP artists who went in the Philippines. You can also ask Danica who they are if you want).

According to Danica, “This sign was made to inform them that ‘Hey! There a KPOP Organization in Iloilo.’ But well, do they even know where Iloilo is?”

However, do not be bothered about that question Danica. This sign represents us, and you did not just informed them, you informed other KPOP fans in Manila and other parts of the Philippines that “HEY! IKO EXISTS!” and we are active.

Be proud that you are a member of ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION.

Here are some proud members holding the LEGENDARY SIGN:



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