Iloilo KPOP Organization supports Myrtle Gail in PBB Teen Edition 4

Myrtle Abigail Sarrosa or known as Myrtle Gail will be representing ILOILO in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 4. The Ilonggos are proud to have another kababayan inside the house especially the people of Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo where she is a Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman.

Even before PBB, she is already well-known to anime and cosplay enthusiasts and even KPOP fanatics in the Philippines. Her fanpage has more than 23k likes and still increasing.

She is a member of AEGYO SISTERS, a group of girl cosplayers and KPOP fanatics, which is very active in Manila. They might not be seen together now as often as before but they are very active individually.

Myrtle had won lots of BEST FEMALE COSPLAYER awards and is even a friend of Asia’s cosplay goddess, Alodia Gosiengfiao.

With this accomplishments, Myrtle is still humble and kind. The reason why ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION is always more than willing to support her. Whenever the organization asks her to be part of their activities and programs, she always say yes as long as there are no conflicts in her schedule. She even empties her schedule for IKO’s programs (if IKO tells her ahead of time). Take note, WITHOUT talent fee. (Thoughts: I’m really ashamed that we could not give her a talent fee though she doesn’t ask).

As the writer of this blog and an IKO core member, I want to answer the question, which a lot of KPOP fans ask recently, “How is Myrtle related to KPOP?”

Well, a lot of people are asking who is Myrtle’s bias in KPOP. There are even rumors that she is an ELF. But her friends and supporters in ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION and even her friends in Manila know that she is a die-hard 4minute fanatic who likes Hyuna the most. Not to mention, she loves Miss A and SECRET. (She adores Hyosung so much!)

In two KPOP gatherings that Myrtle attended in ILOILO, she always danced a 4minute song.


I would like to take this opportunity to reminisce Myrtle’s moments with ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION.

In IKO’s 4th Gathering, she dance “HUH” by Hyuna with her friends Hye Nim and Marc Louise.

“Myrtle with Hye Nim”


           from left: Hye, KIMSSHI *Iveca (me), Marianne, Angel* and Myrtle

           The people of DJ Entertainment, Hye and Myrtle

Some members and officers of IKO with Myrtle

In the 5th gathering, she was the judge during the KPOP COSPLAY COVER CONTEST and also, she danced 4minute’s “HOT ISSUE” and a little of Girls Generation’s “MR.TAXI” with BBA (an Iloilo KPOP Cover Dance Group).

See their dance here:

I and Myrtle posing for the entrance

Myrtle singing a Japanese song (the one she sang in HERO TV during her interview)

Myrtle dancing HOT ISSUE with Beats of Arts (members Marc on the left, Arc on the right)

I know after PBB, Myrtle would be busier and might not be able to come to our future gatherings. Of course, we will be really ashamed to ask her to be part of our gathering without talent fee after PBB.

We might not be able to go near her anymore at magfeeling feeling close but we understand that.

We in ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION are already thankful that she is a part of the org that once in our lives, she was the same as us. Normal but weird (sino ba namang KPOP fan ang normal na as in normal di ba? WALA!)

We are really hoping that her feet would stay on the ground. (Thoughts: My group met her father and both of them are really down-to-earth).


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