Red Powerful RUBY — to invade KPOP.

RUBY — 5 talented girls who aspire to become next KPOP Idols.

We all know that nowadays, there are too many KPOP acts who debuted. A lot belonging to the BIG 3 — SME, JYP and YG. There are others coming from the not big but famous entertainments like CUBE, PLEDIS, etc.

But HY Entertainment made a different attack. they debuted their artists outside Korea and one of the countries they visit first is the Philippines.

Their CEO Jung Yong Bae brought a few artists here in the Philippines like SEO ROCK K who is a very good singer (the belting, the high notes, the power! everything in one!), Park Eunjoo (who proved that you can still be cute while playing the violin — awesome!) and now, a girl group, RUBY.

Last April 15, 2012, RUBY or RUBY GIRLS visited SM CITY ILOILO for the first time. ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION and Iloilo KPOP fans barely know anything about them except their song “Get Down” which you can freely hear in Youtube and their group picture which you can freely search in Google.

So given the opportunity to witness the event, I will use this article to give more information about the group.

Here are the RUBY members:

SUJIN (leader and the best dancer of the group)

YESEUL (was the fake Gain of Brown Eyed Girls)

Watch this show to know more about her being fake Gain here:

The other RUBY members are also in this video.

Baek Juyoung

Check out her facebook account:

SORi (the main vocals)

She sang baek Jiyoung’s “Love Me Not”

See this video taken by one of Iloilo Kpop Org’s members:

HYUNJEONG (with the best eye-smile!)

They performed various KPOP GIRL GROUP songs including 2ne1’s Fire, and I  don’t Care; Wonder Girls’ Tell Me and Nobody; Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra; KARA’s Step and Mister; Tiara’s Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey; Hyuna’s Change, etc.

The KPOP crowd became crazy when they performed BIGBANG’s Fantastic Baby. That was the most awesome thing ever happened on that day.

They also went out of their seats to get some girls in the crowd to dance with them.

KPOPers had sing and dance performances on stage to get a free CD including IVECA and ANGEL of KIMSSHI. Of course, you could hear KIMSSHI supporters and IKO members cheering for the two.


In the end of the day, RUBY albums and SM eco-bags (which should be bought before you can enter and sit inside the barricade) were signed by the RUBY girls.

I managed to get my pictures signed though it’s illegal coz I used my connections LOL. Their manager oppa are familiar to each other. (We had a past! — Kidding!)

Watch their performance:

and another from facebook:

Hope to see them again!


credits: Chalcedon Sanor, Nerry Murillo, Mario Bravo, Lorraine Chavez, Felvi Catequista


2 thoughts on “Red Powerful RUBY — to invade KPOP.

  1. the link for SoRi (SoRee, SoLi) has been made public, sorry for the delay if some of you haven’t got to watch the video. i had the settings to share with friends.. just now i just change it for public view.. please enjoy and sorry for any inconvenience.

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