More about RUBY GIRLS!

If you had watched RUBY GIRLS performed in your respective SM CITY Malls or in WillTime Bigtime, then I am sure, by now, you are stalking (especially guys) them.

Then this blog will support you!

This article will feature more pictures of RUBY GIRLS in ILOILO. Of course, with ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION members.

The ILOILO KPOP ORG members waiting for the signing moment to finish coz Manager Oppa said we will go on stage and take pictures with them.

On stage after the signing moment. Thanks to Manager Hwiyoung Oppa and CEO Jung Yong Bae.



More pictures of ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION members and RUBY GIRLS

During and after the autograph signing:

(KIMSSHI, some people of KISS Media and IKO members posed with Sujin)

(GeeDee members and manager, IKO ex-president Cindy with Yeseul)

Stalking at BREAKTHROUGH, Villa, Iloilo:

According to Ai-Ai Sevillena, “Sila pa bala ang una nga naglapit sa amon.” (They are the first one to come near us). “That time, nakapungko kami sa guwa kay taken na tanan nga tables sa sulod so indi kami katupad sa ila.” (That time, all the seats inside are already reserved so we can’t sit beside them). “Kabuot gid sa ila.” (They are very kind!)

Other people in the restaurant also took the opportunity to take pictures with them eventhough they didn’t see them performing live.

The IKO stalkers and RUBY GIRLS.


At the airport with CEO Jung Youngbae

We are hoping that they will become successful idols in the future and that their feet will stay on the ground.

I will feature more of RUBY in my next articles.


credits: Nerry Murillo, Mario Bravo, Chalcedon Sanor, Lorraine Chavez, Facebook accounts of Manager Hwiyoung, CEO Jung Yongbae and Baek Juyoung.



4 thoughts on “More about RUBY GIRLS!

  1. we love you ruby girls. we are from baguio,city philippines and i wanna take a picture with all of you. i am 10 years old. my name is lydee i am a girl whenever i will net, the first that i will search are all of you. i love so much! god bless!

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