BEYOND, KIMSSHI and GIRLFRIEND to Hold a Concert This May

INFINITY PRODUCTIONS artists Beyond, Kimsshi and Girlfriend are holding a concert this May 2012. This will be their first ever concert.

The three local groups want to show to the people of Iloilo that YOUTH nowadays can use their talents in singing, dancing and performing to express themselves, avoid depression (which leads to rebellious behaviors), and gain more friends.

The title of the concert is “i.POP Concert 2012”. [i.POP] means ILOILO POP. It is because all three groups love singing POP music in their performances.

They also wanted to show that POP is not just for AMERICANS or ENGLISH people. POP is also for other languages such as Korean and Japanese which are recently causing a stir. And of course, for Filipinos like us.

So goers of the concert will expect to hear English, KPOP, JPOP, CPOP and PPOP songs. They should also expect powerful sing and dance performances.

“Kaya man na sang mga Ilonggo!” Ryu Gonzales of Beyond commented while talking about KPOP and PPOP idol groups.

BeyonZ, an Ilonggo comedian, will be the host. Various cover artists from ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION will also be part of the concert.

The much-awaited KPOP Dance Battles will occur.

Mark your calendars. MAY 26, 2012. Red Cross Youth Iloilo Chapter, Bonifacio Drive, 3rd Floor, starts at 4pm.

The event is also sponsored by KCCI and a lot more.



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