Myrtle Gail, KIMSSHI along with other Cosplayers Featured Once Again in Iloilo’s The News Today

Yes, this isn’t the first time that KIMSSHI, Myrtle, the ANIGUMI JOUKAI (Ilonggo Cosplay Guild) and even the ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION were featured in one of Iloilo’s local newspaper, THE NEWS TODAY.

The paper was the first one who wrote a full article about KIMSSHI last February 8, 2011. The ILOILO KPOP FESTIVAL 2011 was also in the same issue.

More came as IKO celebrated their 4th Gathering when Myrtle Gail first participated.

The paper also featured Myrtle as a professional cosplayer in one of its issues.

Myrtle Gail and KIMSSHI are all cosplayers aside from being KPOP fans.


Alodia Gosiengfiao entered showbizness for more than a year ago and introduced cosplay to people who do not even know what the word ‘cosplay’ means. In addition to that, Myrtle entering the PBB House gave people more information about it. Her overwhelming fame nowadays made people know and get more interested with cosplay.


If you could still find a back issue, then buy and check the article out!

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