KIMSSHI as Powerpuff Girls and BBA Performance on the Last Day of the AI EXPO


A picture of Marc of Beats by Arts and KIMSSHI. KIMSSHI as the Powerpuff Girls and Marc pretending as the villain. 

Once again, both groups BBA and KIMSSHI had the opportunity to showcase their talents during the AI EXPO 2012 last day, May 19, 2012. 

KIMSSHI  performed Because of You by After School , Panaginip by Sheng Belmonte (, and Twinkle by Girls Generation TiTaeSeo.


BBA performed LUCIFER by Shinee, Fantastic Baby and many more KPOP and non-KPOP songs. They also performed RUN DEVIL RUN by Girls Generation with some members of the Anigumi Jouaki and Gerald of Boys Generation PH.


BBA is said to perform as a front act in the i.POP Concert 2012.

KIMSSHI will be showing more of what they can do and some IKO performers will be on it too.

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