Boyfriend in the Philippines — IKO members went running!


Since the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines announced that they will be bringing one of the most loved rookie KPOP groups, BOYFRIEND, in the Philippines, members of Iloilo Kpop Organization took out money from their pockets running to Manila to see them.

July 28, 2012 was when BOYFRIEND arrived in Manila, Philippines. They were there to be the judges of the”Cover Dance Festival” as a celebration of KCC’s first anniversary.

Now, since I wasn’t able to be there myself, I will share one of Iloilo Kpop Organization’s members’ experience during that day.


Markie, Danica and Nerry falling in line to get tickets.

Only 350 tickets were given during that day. Actually, the girl I interviewed, Irish, wasn’t able to get a ticket since the line was so long. Luckily, Nerry gave Irish her ticket, and she went inside instead of her.
*Find true friends in KPOP World*

Trust me, I know how fans go wild while falling in line and waiting for their idols. False-alarm everywhere, fans screaming, fans cheering. TIRING, yet FUN.

Some of Irish’s unforgettable moments were: (1) KWANGMIN actually said “Hi” to her when she went to her seat. (2) She was able to hold both HYUNSEUNG and MINWOO’s hand.

*Each fan who had a chance like this is in heaven*

After judging the contest, BOYFRIEND performed their new single, LOVESTYLE. They had an interview where they were asked about what Korean word will they teach Filipinos.

The most adorable answer was from JEONGMIN who said, ” SARANGHAE… uhhhm.. boyy FWEND!! no no no… NAMJA CHINGU!!”

*Imagine how cute Jeongmin is while saying that with wide smile*

Everyone then repeated what he said out loud.

*Nice one co-Bestfriends!*

Then they performed their debut single, BOYFRIEND.

BOYFRIEND PH gave them a trophy for winning the Best Rookie Award last year. YOUNGMIN held the trophy. They also gave MINWOO a birthday cake, and a gift. The rest of the members received a scrapbook and a mini-cake.

They had a picture taking before saying goodbye.

It was short, but those few hours will be treasured forever for each fan who was present during the event.

Of course, I also asked about her impressions for each member. She said:

DONGHYUN: He had too much make up so she thought that she looked like a gay, but then he is really handsome.

HYUNSEONG: He looks like a typical handsome Filipino. He is really close with Donghyun. HANDSOME! He is the one making the audience keep quiet when they go wild.

JEONGMIN: With the smallest eyes.  He is a little serious, but if someone or something gets his attention, he becomes very lively.

JO TWINS: She thinks KWANGMIN is more handsome than YOUNGMIN coz he has this mysterious attitude. YOUNGMIN is more friendly than his twin. Charisma for Kwangmin, but Youngmin’s smile can kill anyone.

MINWOO: He doesn’t behave. He doesn’t stay on his chair. He waves and waves to everyone. He is very energetic like a little kid.

Fangirling and fanboying might be really shallow for other people, but for some, it is HAPPINESS.

credits: Irish Joy of Iloilo KPOP Organization

For more pictures, visit KISS MEDIA in facebook.

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