Happenings in KFEST 2012 — by IKO members


Among hundreds of KPOP fans from different parts of the Philippines who participated in the KFEST 2012 last July 29, 2012 are members of Iloilo Kpop Organization.

Nothing compares to the joy from a KPOP gathering. Seeing lots of people spazzing everywhere about their favorite idol stars, and enthusiastically cheering for their favorite cover artists.

Danica, one of IKO officers, talked about the KFEST in general. Her experience will be shared in this article.

KFEST occupied the Mega Trade Hall 2 located on the 5th floor of SM Megamall. 150php is the entrance. As you could see, it is about the same price as Iloilo Kpop gatheirng and events, but there are a lot of differences.

The IKO members arrived in Megamall around past 1PM. The line was too long already. For events like this, you have to go early to be first in line.


With the tickets, the stamps and just fooling around.

The first thing that you can see in the event hall is the BIGBANGPH booth which is one of the co- presentors of KFEST. BBPH and Oddysey are located in the center facing the entrance so you could easily see the standees.


Danica and Irish fangirling in the BIGBANGPH booth.

On the other side of the hall was a KPOP videoke booth. Screen didn’t just show videoke lyrics, but also live performances from our favorite idol groups.

There were a lot of booths from different Kpop fansclubs in the Philippines. One of the favorites was the Jang Geun Seok PH booth which they have tarpaulins. All the Prince of Asia’s dramas, albums, commercials, etc. were printed on it.

Girl’s Generation PH booth also caught their attentions. GGPH members gathered all their SNSD stuff and put it in the booth such as magazines, albums, fan goods, etc. Markie, one of IKO’s officers and a certified SONE commented, “If I had all these in my room, I wouldn’t go out.”


Girls Generation PH booth

Contests in the KFEST include cover dance contest, KFEST idol, and fan chant battle.

Amateur cover groups joined the contest, while those who already have names in the Philippine Kpop industry performed in collaborations.


ELFinity performing with X-Crew, and other groups.

The most famous collaboration during that day was the ELFINITY and X-CREW’s collaboration. Both are Super Junior cover groups in the Philippines. They are already big in the Philippine Kpop scene because both groups are extremely talented.

Of course, when there is a gtheirng like this, the hearthrobs and cuties won’t be missing. As fangirls and fanboys, we come to gatherings not just to buy stuff, but also to take pictures with the hottests cover artists in the house.

Here are my friends slash IKO members who had the time of their lives taking pictures with the “gwapos” and “magagandas” in the Philippine Kpop industry.



For Danica who has already experienced going to KFEST events in Manila many times, the most 9important thing for her in a Kpop event like this is meeting your friends from different fansclubs.

In Manila, there are a lot of merchandise sold on the event, a lot of big time sponsors, and cover artists who’ll perform or join the contests do not need to fall in line and pay for the tickets. This is opposite to the situation in Iloilo. we sell little merchandise on the event, we do not have big time sponsors, and our performers also pay for the tickets.

The reason is, Manila has a bigger population of Kpop fans. Iloilo has around 10% of their total population only. Their performers do not have to pay and they receive big prizes coz there are a lot of sponsors. Why do they get a lot? Once again, we’ll go back to population matters. Sponsors are motivated to give money for they know that a lot will attend the event.

Kpop makes FRIENDSHIP and bonds a lot of people. You can find true friends because of Kpop. People asks why we love Kpop. Truthfully, Kpop is not just music and good-looks, it is also a road you can take to discover your talents, gain confidence and meet true people.

And here are some famous people from KFEST who gave Iloilo Kpop Organization time to have a fansign. These includes the famous cover artists Jop Crisostomo, Raymond Perez, Dondie Martin, Maverick Lacson, and Mark Lee. Thank you very much Chingus~~~



For first timers of Kpop events like this, this is something so thrilling.

Credits to and Photos by: Marc Louise, Danica Saplagio, Irish Joy of Kiss Media.


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