BBA in the Local News Scene


Another group from Iloilo Kpop Organization is reigning not just inside IKO, but also the whole Iloilo. Beat By Arts or BBA is one of the most active cover group in Iloilo.

This is not their first time being seen in a newspaper, but this the first time that the article is a whole feature of them as a group.

To add more about them, aside from the ones written in the The Daily Guardian. BBA debuted performing “Lucifer” in Anigumi Joukai’s Thanksgiving Party. They joined a fun dance contest with competing with two other groups from the guild. That was just for fun. I’ll give you a fun fact. BBA used to mean “Bouncer Boys Association.”

But joining the Iloilo Kpop Organization made them a serious group changing the meaning to Beat By Arts. Aside from dancing boy group songs, their specialty is covering girl group songs. No wonder all their favorite KPOP groups listed above are girl groups.

They are also back-up dancer of Myrtle Gail Sarrosa, during the two events that Myrtle performed inside Iloilo Kpop Organization.

Daichi, Kevin and Vicente spazzes a lot about their crushes. Daichi talking about Hyosung of SECRET all the time, Kevin giggles a lot because of Tiffany of Girls Generation, and Vicente, as mentioned above, is head-over-heels with Sunny of Girls Generation.

Marc and Markie are in charge of the choreography so they memorize a lot of steps and teach others.

Ian on the other hand, though least in dancing, but most in making himself look the same as the one he is roleplaying. He colored his hair blue to be TOP of BIGBANG.

and more about them, if you get to know them.

So BBA, beat more and show more art in the future!


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