GeeDee teases with “Purity and Innocence” Photoshoot Concept



from left to right: Dasmille Riola Buendia (Jessica), Angela Seraspe (Taeyeon), Shynne Abadiano (Seohyun), Stephanie Sarayno (Yoona), Irish Joy Tacal (Tiffany), April Jardeleza (Hyoyeon), Ma. Florence Ballarta (Yuri), Que Ann Mamon (Sunny), and Ailea Alarcon (Sooyoung).

GeeDee is back with new members! GeeDee is Iloilo’s Girls Generation cover group. It is really hard to maintain an nine-member group so GeeDee had undergone a lot of member changes for the past year.


This time, since the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards is fast coming, they wanted to show us a new image with new faces in their group. From their debut last May 14, 2011, they had been slowly improving. During that time, they were really shy on stage. As time goes by, they have proven us that they can perform on stage, too.

Here are other pictures with Kiss Media staff:





With thiese new members, what change will we expect from their performances in the upcoming IKMA 2012?



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