Siwon & Donghae in Manila


ELF gathered once again last August 15 at Trinoma Activity Center for a single goal: to see Super Junior’s Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon up close and personal!

Donghae and Siwon visited the Philippines as the newest endorsers of the clothing brand Bench. With flashing fansigns, ELFs can’t get over each moment as they scream their hearts out for the two.

Lorraine,  IKO’s current President and a certified Donghae-biased shares her experience:


Bench is really amazing. It was like an early super Christmas gift when they announced that SiHae will be in the country. 700 lucky ELF got the chance to see SiHae up close via raffle. Sadly I wasn’t one of them but this experience turned out to be a dream-come-true.

I came to Manila on August 14 hoping that I would be able to welcome the two at the airport. But sadly, the plane landed late so I wasn’t able to catch up with my co-ELF Nerry who really saw her bias Siwon up close.

We took the bus to SM Megamall and were able to meet new ELF-buds whom we spent the day with trying to find where the boys were. We let the moments passed in stress. We ended at Manila Peninsula having heard that the boys would stay there. It wasn’t long when a friend texted that the boys are still at Makati Shangrila and good gracious! We run with all our might just to have a glimpse.

ImageRain with SiHae’s photographer

ImageRain and an ELF with Mr. Ben Chan

ImageA shot with Donghae’s Bench wardrobe..

We waited outside the back entrance for almost 2 hours til we saw that the convoys are moving to the main entrance. We ran there just in time the cars are going out.

Carefully carrying my Donghae-cover Mr. Simple album, we positioned ourselves beside the exit path. As the vans go out one by one, I looked carefully if Hae or Won is inside. Then alas! Donghae was at the 2nd van. I shouted as hard as I can while waving my album at the window side just in time for him to see us. He was texting when he he took notice at my direction so I felt that I really got the attention! (hahahaha!) Goodness! I was so happy! Then in time for Siwon and Prince Manager’s van. Holly cow! We saw Siwon smiling as we shout and we even saw him point us as if he really presented us to the one beside him that we are the ELFs so waiting for them! The moment was ecstatic and we are so happy!

ImageThe “Pila”

The next day, we started to gather at Trinoma mall before it opened. The lines were so tiresome as there are some fellas who keep on inserting themselves within the established “pila”. When its time to enter the mall, everyone began to run hoping to have the best view.

ImageThe set-up upon entering..

As afternoon passed, I was so emotional considering that I wasn’t able to be one of the 700 who could enter the lucky area that is so close to the stage. Bench staffs started to chat us and were so surprised to know that we flew from Iloilo just to see the two. The crowd started to grow and it was so tiring already.

Then something amazing happened! We were able to enter the lucky 700 area! Goodness! As I entered the area, Kuya (Bench staff that we had a chat with) approached me saying, “Uy! Saan ka pumunta? Hinahanap kaya kita,.. Bibigyan sana kita ng pass kanina..” Then another Kuya in blonde said “Naks! Nakapasok ka na..”These brought me to tears for I didn’t expect that I will be that close to my idols. Ate Cindy and Nerry started comforting me as I burst into tears when a photographer started taking shots/video of us. I didn’t cared if I’ll be on tv. At that moment, I was tremendously happy and grateful.

ImageTears of joy.. ^^

Imageecstatic to be this near..

Moments passed and the event started with games. Lucky ELFs were drawn to receive special prices.

After some time, it was it! Siwon and Donghae showed up and it was heaven! ELFs started to scream. You could see fans crying and waving fan signs. The crowd went wild when the too started talking. “Ang Philippines ay maganda. Mahal ko kayo!” said Siwon then Donghae added, “Mamimiss kita! Mahal ko kayo!” Goodness! I was so proud! I know Siwon speaks fluent English but then Donghae! I’mma proud ELFish!

Imagewhaaaaaaaaa!!! My boys!!!

Then they were questioned of among the places in the Philippines, which one would they like to visit most. Siwon responded that he would like to go to Cebu while Donghae said that he would like to go to Boracay and take all ELFs with him as he jokingly said that the one to shoulder the expenses is Ben Chan.

The screaming went more deafening as Siwon said “When I come back, I would like the entire Super Junior to come and have a Super Show concert here.” Heavens! We have been waiting for it and we were so happy to hear it from him.

The event concluded with fans receiving the signed shirts, posters and the picture taking moment. Then Siwon kissed a little girl that brought the crowd to screaming!


It may have lasted over an hour but it was a momentous event for those who have been there. Moreso, it was a treasured moment for those who came from the provinces and flew to Manila just to show how much they love Super Junior.


We came home with extreme happiness. We would never get tired of screaming and supporting Super Junior. Forever, we shall proudly shout “Uri-nun-ELPUU-o-e-o”.


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