Iloilo KFEST 2012

When all Kpop cover groups and artists come together in one stage, what happens? It’s a ROAR!

Last September 30, 2012, the second Iloilo Kpop Festival was held in the main entrance of SM City Iloilo to attract public’s attention. Goers, passers by, drivers, passengers, etc. have come to witness the joint celebration of SM City and Iloilo Kpop Organization of the Korean month.

Of course, Iloilo Kpop Organization founder, Iveca Cale Ignacio, with her co-host during the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards, Junifer Lynn Sunaz, are the masters of the ceremony. The two have a knack in hosting and delivered the show spontaneously though they are both performing as well.


As an introduction, Iveca and Junifer mentioned some lines that need to be quoted:

“KPOP is an INSPIRATION. It inspires us to show our talents that we haven’t used to our extent. It inspires us as it gives us joy and relaxation during depression and pressure. It inpires us and motivate us to reach for our dreams, and be a better person knowing that we can only someday watch our idols if we work hard in school, get high grades and have a good job.”

“KPOP idols aren’t gay. They just wanna look good. That is narcissism. That is to sell their products, and to be known.”

“We may not understand the language used in a KPOP song, but it is the melody and how it was sang makes us understand its meaning. Isn’t music a universal language?”

The program was divided into 3 parts having a mini-musical in the middle of each part conveying Pillars of KPOP.

The crowd’s enthusiasm is incomparable when the first performers went on stage. GeeDee, Iloilo’s Girls Generation cover group explained the history of Girls Generation, and how they greatly influenced the KPOP scene in the Philippines. They proved that these 9 young ladies are one of the pillars of KPOP. The Princesses of Hallyu.



For the first part of the program, the ladies took over the stage as they portrayed Korea’s best female solo acts:

The Queen of Hallyu, BoA covered by Katherine.


The Best Solo Artist of 2012, Ailee covered by Angel.


Korea’s National Younger Sister, IU, covered by iveca.


The Hot Diva, G.NA, covered by Marianne


And the Bubbly, Hyuna, covered by Jaezel



The next pillar of KPOP in none other than the largest idol group in Korea, Super Junior. With so many successful concerts all around the world, and songs hitting no.1 spot in many music charts in different countries, they are truly the Center of Hallyu. Beat By Arts covered and took the opportunity to tell a story about them.



The male solo cover artists then took over the stage:

The controversial Jay Park covered by DJuke


The King of Hallyu, Rain, covered by Troua


The hopeless romantic Taeyang covered by Marc Louise


Before the last part of the show, Korean kids as well as Filipino kids also displayed their talents in dancing.



Down to the last part, 5ne1, the cover group of the world famous 2ne1 showed that 2ne1 is the most known pillar of KPOP in the Philippines. having Dara as their member is one the major reasons why people love them. Not just that, their exceptional fashion style is combined well with their versatility as idols.




The groups and singing acts time:

Beyond covering Aziatix


IKO’s Prince of OSTs Jae, and sweet voice Kin covered Juniel and Yonghwa



4minute covered by R-ME


SHINx covering SHINee







Kimsshi covering Evol


ST4R covering SISTAR


Beat By Arts covering BAP


SHINx and Troua danced together to cover EXO K


KM Dolls as APink


Kimsshi back on stage to portray HerShe in Dream High 2


Prism as EXO in their debut stage


Elite got the moves of Teen Top


And finally the show came to an end with a full performance of Dj Entertainment talents.

The event ended late but it seemed like no one was tired, even the officers who worked so hard for a good show. Kpop fans who just discovered the organization had the blast of their lives and wanted to be part of the group where they can also imagine themselves as idols.

This might be another KPOP event, but events like this do not just talk about the love for KPOP. It also touches the topic of friendship where you find new friends, and enjoy their company.


Til the next Iloilo KFEST!


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