The First Collection Exhibit in Iloilo


SM City Iloilo hand in hand with the Iloilo KPOP Organization celebrated the Korean Month from the last week of September until the first week of October.

A KPOP Collection Exhibit was done during the 6th and 7th of October, 2012.

Officers and members of the organization gather some of their collections together to present KPOP in public view. The purpose of the exhibit is to display the evolution of KPOP, its history, legends, and capacity to win people’s hearts in aesthetic and artistic form as per CDs, magazines, photobooks, concert DVDs, etc.

Information about some widely known artists were printed for reading. It tells about the artists’ name, career and achievements that made a big impact to Hallyu or the Korean wave.

IKO founder stated, “This exhibit wasn’t made to tell people that we love KPOP more than OPM having the fact that we are Filipinos. But it is to tell everyone, that music could make us one. Korean month is celebrated in the Philippines to commemorate the friendship of Filipinos and Koreans. We have confidence that KPOP is one of the instruments of that friendship.”

Most of the stuff seen in display are Super Junior and Dong Bang Shin Ki’s — the center, and the gods of KPOP. These two idol boy groups have huge contributions in promoting KPOP all around the world.

Christian, a comer to the exhibit commented, “I discovered the song Tri-Angle by BoA, The Trax and Dong Bang Shin Ki weeks before the exhibit. It is an old song knowing the fact that it was released in the year 2004 when I wasn’t yet a KPOP fan. The song has this addicting feel that I think I listened to it for nth times. I was really astounded seeing the copy of the album where that song was included. The album looks old and ragged. It might have looked like that after the owner tried to hide it for 8 years. However, seeing that, gave me goosebumps. It was like the feeling of seeing the beginning of KPOP.”

Girls Generation, 2PM, Bigbang, TeenTop, SHINee, Sistar, Boyfriend, CNBlue, and more artists’ stuff were also included in the exhibit.

The collection was put on top of two long tables grouped according to artists.

“Since we had the KFEST before the event, we didn’t manage to have enough budget for the exhibit. We are hoping to have a better exhibit next time.” says IKO President, Lorraine Chavez.

Here are some snapshots from the IKO Exhibit:



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