IKO Escapade —- BIGBANG Alive Tour Experience + Swimming Pool Scenes


EPIC! SPECTACULAR!AMAZING! SUPERB! and all other adjectives of those words —– these are how the members of the Iloilo Kpop Organization who went to watch the Bigbang Alive Tour could describe their experiences.

Danica, Diosa, Nerry and Ai-ai spent time to sit and talk with us about their incomparable and cannot be repeated-again time of their lives.

Like when any other KPOP artist go to the Philippines, fans go wild not just during the concert, but before and after the concert as well.

How?  S-T-A-L-K-I-N-G

Being a stalker is a talent, I must say. You have to use strategies in order to see your idols. If you have even just seconds of glimpse in their private time, well, congratulations! You accomplished your goal. Of course, an interaction with them is already in higher level. If you get a “Hi” or “Hello”, JACKPOT!

Back to Bigbang. Nerry and Danica had the time of their lives in stalking. They witnessed something that only a few VIPs witnessed that happened in the Philippines.

Let me ask, what state do you most like seeing your idols? sleeping? singing? dancing? uh-uh~~ TOPLESS, right?

Then envy the two for they have seen G-dragon, Taeyang (Well, he was topless 70% of the concert) and Daesung topless with no make up and swimming.

Now we are gonna share photos of G-dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung in the swimming pool of Shangri-La in the Philippines:


That XX — G-dragon talking with YG staff in the swimming pool.


G-dragon and the laughing Daesung still in the swimming pool 🙂


There’s Taeyang texting with their manager, before swimming.


The picture of Taeyang’s back. *Likod palang, ulam na!*


Still G-dragon in the pool. See his tattoo? and his dyed hair.

Filipino fans are actually prohibited in that area, but Nerry and Danica were allowed to stay as long as they don’t take photos. How did they managed to get these photos? Well, a very nice foreigner staying in the hotel took pictures and gave it to them. (Credits: Kym Sevirno for the pictures)

I know you have a question in mind. WHERE ARE TOP AND SEUNGRI AT THOSE TIMES? They are with Dara. They went shopping at Greenbelt.

What do they need to prepare before the concert? Aside from money for tickets — both airplane and concert tickets, they have to prepare themselves.

1. Rest well before going to the scene.

2. Be prepared to not sleep or eat for a long time.

“Wala ko natulog kag nagkaon for 2 days. Wala lang ko gana. Dapat maka-stalk gid ko!” (I didn’t sleep or eat for 2 days. I don’t have the motivation to do so. I just wanna stalk) said Nerry.

3. Know where you should go and observe well.

4. Don’t be afraid and have fun.

“The best stalking experience is mag-agi sa exit para lang makasaka sa room sang BB kag makita sang mga bouncers tapos madalagan bisan wala gina lagas kag mag-gwa sa for staff only na door.” (The best stalking experience is passing the exit just to go up to see BB’s rooms then seen by the bouncers so we ran away as fast as we can though they aren’t chasing us and pass by the for staff only door) said Diosa who went stalking with Ai-ai, and admitted that though tired, that day was full of laughter.

5. Be prepared if bad things happen.

Danica shared her experience with Daesung, “I was happy when Daesung recognized us kag nag smile pa siya gane. Ay ambot kung ano to nagsulod sa isip ko na gin kwaan ko pic. Nakita ya ko so gn tawag ya ang upod nila na dancer kag ang dancer nagkadto sa bouncer kag gin tudlo ako. lol gid ya. kahuluya. amo to lakat nalang kami.” (I was happy when Daesung recognized us and smiled. But I don’t know what came into me that I took a picture of him and he saw it so he told his dancer, and the dancer told the bouncer and pointed at me. So funny. Embarrassing. So we just went out instead.)


This is the line outside MOA Arena the concert day.


This is the entrance. The difference between this and the previous MoA Concerts (like Rain’s concert) is that they didn’t separate the General Admission ticket holders from those with VIP tickets so the line is longer.


Dancers of Bigbang.


552260_3389169346921_1158083310_nThe YG staff.

391715_3389219388172_1775334870_nThe BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 Tickets

550480_3389220068189_2010965381_nBIGBANG fans with Danica. You have to buy them to use them.

sVIP PH banners for Bigbang

cVIP Crowns with Precious and Diosa.

bBanners, lightstick, etc.

pAnd the BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR post outside the Mall of Asia Arena


Now we came to the portion where we talk about HOW ARE EACH OF THEM IN PERSON? Nerry, Danica, Ai-ai and Diosa’s opinions are put into one and here they are:

Taeyang – He is really different on stage. He is very alive like the title of their tour. He never stops dancing, and tore a lot of shirts during the concert. Overall, he is the kindest of them all! (What do we expect from the very religious Christian?)

Top – SHY. He didn’t interact much with the fans, BUT with him just standing on stage, SUPER HOT! They said his dancing skills improved. And there was the issue of the yellow bra thrown at him during the concert — it was a fun moment, he laughed at that time. And he’s SEKSAY!!!

G-dragon – is G-dragon. What you see and know about him, that is him ALREADY with a SWAG. And he is very noisy (especially in the swimming pool part). He seemed like a PRINCE. Looking at him is like dreaming. And those moments when he always go to where Dara is sitting, it made fans giggled.

Daesung – They say MIANHAE DAESUNG OPPA. He is ugly. He is HANDSOME. His voice is heavenly — better in live than in the record. Very hot body! The most favorite part is when he performed “wings” during the concert. Fantastic Baby!

Seungri – The MOST SURPRISING INDIVIDUAL. The unexpected one. Well, after the concert, a lot became Riri bias. Why? he is extremely handsome, very interactive with fans, and most of all, and he has this arousing feeling like a sex symbol.


They said Tagalog words individually such as SALAMT, MABUHAY, and MAHAL KO KAYO! which Dara taught them. G-dragon said 3 phrases. he learned a lot huh!

They asked fans what should they sing next, the fans answered, “HELLO!” but G-dragon immediately replied, “Not that!” making Applers (Daragon fans) giggle.

And everyone is talking about the time when they sang Haru-Haru acoustic version that fans sang with them in chorus. G-dragon and Seungri almost cried. The girls expressed that that moment was ONE OF A KIND. The feeling when everyone is a VIP no matter what their major fandoms are. As what Nerry said, “Though I’m an ELF, I’m a VIP.”

Overall critic,

“It wasn’t a concert. It was a PARTY!” according to Ai-ai.

“I’m supposed to cry but I don’t know, tears just won’t come out.” according to Nerry.

“VIP PH is the best crowd. We did not just fanchants, but we did FAN SONGS.” according to Danica.

And Diosa, “THE BEST TALAGA! I’ll definitely not miss their next concert!

— credits: Danica Saplagio, Nerry Murillo, Diosa Rodica, Aillen Sevillana, Precious Anne.


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