Missing to be on a live KPOP event in Iloilo? Asking when will be the next KPOP event that you can’t spazz your heart out, scream at the top of your lungs, and take pictures with your favorite Kpop cover idol?

It’s SCHOOL 2013! Then as school comes back, IKO is also back!

SM City Iloilo is gonna collaborate with Iloilo Kpop Organization once again to encourage the youth to be inspired with going and doing good in school.

KPOP might be, for most parents, is a distraction to their kids in their studies. But the group would like to use KPOP as a motivation to all KPOP fans and students to strive hard, work hard, and play hard in school to reach for their dreams.

Use KPOP as a driving will to be a successful professional someday. With that, you won’t just watch your favorite KPOP idol in your TV and computer screens, but watch them live in their homeland or other countries as well, even the Philippines!


Mark you calendars, JUNE 22 is our date!



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