[July 2013] COVER ARTIST OF THE MONTH: First of the FIRSTS — Tuh Tuh Girls


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you, the TUH TUH GIRLS!

You’ll say you’re too old in the Iloilo Kpop scene if you know these girls. You might have been a member of the Iloilo Kpop Organization since its old days, or might as well be one of their classmates and friends.
You’ll say you’re old because they are the first of the firsts. —- I am saying this proving that even before Manila had their own popular cover groups, TTG was already there and making covers of Girls Generation songs and music videos. So I therefore conclude that TTG was the first Girls Generation cover group in the Philippines. It is just too bad that they are in Iloilo and didn’t get the chance to even show their faces in Manila.

You might wonder why I decided to choose TUH TUH GIRLS as the first cover artist to be featured in this new section of the blog. Well, as you can see, I already wrote the answer above. In the contrary, that is not just the only reason.

TUH TUH GIRLS — 1.) Yes, they are the first people to be in the first article of this blog. 2.) They helped established ILOILO KPOP ORGANIZATION. Honestly, without much of their help, the organization won’t be like what it is now somehow. 3.) And most importantly, they were an inspiration to the next cover groups and artists that came after them, unconsciously.


carmelCARMEL (Leader – Taeyeon)

jiselleJISELLE (Jessica)

anneANNE (Tiffany)

reygineREYGINE (Sooyoung)

mykeeMYKEE (Yuri)

kcKAYE CY (Yoona)

stephanieSTEPH (Sunny)

annieANNIE (Seohyun)


They are lacking one, right? Where is HYOYEON? They will be joined by Mykee’s sister, Kyla, as Hyoyeon for their stage performances to make them NINE as seen in this picture below:


Soon after, Lourdes (who was from KIMSSHI) joined their group.



It actually all started with their project in Values Education during their high school days when they have to make music videos of their own. The first video was HIMNAE (Way to Go) by Girls Generation.

Click this to view the video of TTG – Himnae Music Video

Oops, as you noticed, they used their own voices in the song. TTG was the first cover group to make a cover so personalized that even though they aren’t singers, they sang the song without hesitation.

TTG is a cover group that didn’t get much popularity with their dance performances, instead, they were well loved during their days of reign by their cute, bubbly, funny and full of “KADUNGOLAN” (craziness) music videos.

Click here to watch TTG -Genie Music Video

May I tell you that these girls are not all dancers.  Steph, Carmel and Anne are the ones who choreograph their steps and work hard to copy the steps from the original. (Authors note: I even remember the days when they used to teach me how to dance “Kissing You” while we were waiting in front of a computer shop). However, they always try their best in everything they do.



Tuh-Tuh Girls made a sub-unit to cover f(x),  a sing and dance group made up of Annie, Carmel, Steph, Jiselle and Mykee. They were called TUH TUH GIRLS PRIME.

Click here to watch and listen to TTG PRIME Lachata Cover



They  won 2nd Place in the Red Cross Youth Jpop and Kpop Dance Cover Competition last 2009.

Click here to watch TTG’s performance in the RCY Jpop and Kpop Dance Contest

A lot of dance groups joined that day, Kakkoi Boys was even one of their competitors, but they won due to their enthusiasm and how they showed everyone what a COVER DANCE is.


They also won 3rd Place in the iloilo Kpop Organization 3rd Gathering Kpop Dance Cover Contest.



TTG made good friendship with the Kakkoi Boys that they even collaborated to cover SNSD and SUPER JUNIOR’s – S.E.O.U.L. making it I.L.O.I.L.O. promoting Iloilo in their music video.

Click here to watch TTG and KKB – S.E.O.U.L. MV



Their last group participation was during the Iloilo KFEST 2011 where they showed up in the KPOP COSPLAY RAMP.

They joined the games during the next organization gatherings but didn’t perform again.

STEPH, however, was invited as a judge in the KPOP DANCE COVER CONTEST during the Iloilo Kpop Fantasy Showcase last Feb 2012.


TTG isn’t just a cover group. They aren’t even a cover group at the first place. They are a group of friends that enjoy Kpop and uses Kpop as a bonding tool. I could say, that because of being a cover group, performing, and making music videos, their youth was full of fun experiences that they will never forget.


Today, these girls are already halfway in college, but like the Girls Generation, they will always be girls. Each of them grew up beautifully.

And though they aren’t a part of Iloilo Kpop Organization events nowadays, and we might not see them perform together again in the future, it is so nice to know that their friendship continued and became stronger as years passed by.

No matter what they become in the future, they may still be or not Kpop fans anymore, I hope that what they had accomplished as a cover group, and as friends will be remembered and cherished in this lifetime.

credits: Tuh Tuh Girls Fanpage

author: Iveca Cale Ignacio


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