Super Simple Overwhelmed by Ilonggo Kpop Fans Welcome


September 27, 2013 —- The Ultimate Kpop Super Idol Contest was held in SM CITY ILOILO Event Centre as part of the celebration the Korean – Filipino Friendship Festival. And when you say SUPER IDOL, of course, one of the big names in the Philippines’ Kpop scene is SUPER SIMPLE.

The news about having a Kpop cover group from Manila coming to Iloilo was given a month before the event, but with no much information about it. Many Ilonggo Kpop fans were wishing it would be one of their favorite cover groups, and yes, wish granted! The news immediately spread as soon as one of the Iloilo Kpop Organization staff met them in person, SUPER SIMPLE visited us in Iloilo!


Unfortunately, only five members came since other members were also busy with their own schedules. Clarence, Brent, Rhein, Maverick and Rei also known as Super Simple-B delighted fans with their B1A4’s “What’s Goin’ On?” and EXO’s “History” covers. But fans went wild as they performed their most popular cover of SNSD’s “I Got A Boy.”

Some fans prepared gifts and fan signs, while others prepared to scream at the top of their lungs. Even before Super Simple came up the stage, fans actively participated chanting “Super Simple! Super Simple! Super Simple!” in chorus.

Disbelief were in Super Simple members’ eyes while looking at the people around during their interview. Brent, one of the members who got the most screams, even mentioned that he was shocked that the crowd would also be huge in Iloilo when it comes to Kpop.

The members of Super Simple gave much fan service that Maverick even answered yes when a fan asked him the question, “Will you marry me?”


After the show, guards followed to save them from countless fans who wanted to have their pictures taken with the members. It was extremely unbelievable! Super Simple members are like real celebrities in that certain moment.

“We were really nervous before our performance because we didn’t know if anyone even knew who we were but you guys were amazing enough to prove that wrong. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all the Ilonggo Kpop Fans who went to the event in such short notice and showed us all their love and support. We promise to comeback and we will bring the whole 10 members of Super Simple for you.”

—- from Super Simple Fan Page

Iloilo Kpop Organization had a photo session with Super Simple-B in the rehearsal room after the show. Here are some of the pictures.

Super Simple with me (your article writer — who was also, fortunately, the emcee of the event)

Super Simple with Iloilo Kpop Organization Staff

1Super Simple with Iloilo Kpop Organization representative collaboration cover group C-Unit


Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Nheyo Markie Salde, Zianne Patna, Iveca Cale Ignacio


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