2013 Korean-Filipino Friendship Festival Closing was a Success — Sneak Peak over the Korean Fashion Show and Film Festival.

Flashy outfits with stunning faces were carried by MK International Language School Students as they showcase the Korean fashion during the closing ceremony of the Korean Festival 2013 on September 29 at SM City Iloilo Event Center.


In cooperation with UP Daebak, MK International Language School and SM City Iloilo, the closing ceremony of the week long Korean Festival 2013 celebration was a success as the models confidently display the wardrobes sponsored by SM Department Store and walk like professionals on the runway.

Not only the fabulous modern dresses and catchy wardrobes were shown, the Fashion show also displayed the Korean traditional dress, the Hanbok, which officially opened the program.



UP Daebak members, one of Iloilo Kpop Organization, performed EXO’s “Wolf” and Psy’s “Gentleman.”  Kim DongJoo of Busan Symphony played the Saxophone to entertain the audience in the event.


Mr. Moon Dae Jin, the President of MK International Language School and the Vice President of Iloilo Korean Association, was thankful for the success of the event and stressed to have another Korean Festival event next year.

Mr. Moon Dae Jin, VP Iloilo Korean Community Association

The Korean fashion show served as the closing ceremony of the week-long Korean festival which showed the beauty of Korean Culture through food, beauty and cosmetics, and music (both traditional and popular music).

The program ended with the awarding of certificates by SM City Iloilo to the Korean MK student models,  Lina Geum and Kim Hyun  Jeong – in charge of Korean food and beauty bazar, respectively.


On the other hand, the Korean Film Festival , which is also a part of the Korean Festival and ended on the same day, was also a success.

Iloilo Kpop Organization Volunteers with Ms. Linh Dalangin, President of Korean Cultural Center

The event was sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Korean Cultural Center with the partnership of SM Cinema and Iloilo KPOP Organization. The Film Festival showed six different Korean movies for FREE and were flocked by numerous audience during the weekends.

The premiere night was attended by Iloilo Kpop Organization, and Korean volunteers from MK International Language Center on September 26, SM City Iloilo, Cinema 6.


The movies shown were Werewolf Boy, Greenday, Sunny, Deranged, Dancing Queen and Masquerade. These famous films were shown to promote the Korean Culture.


The week-long Korean-Filipino Friendship Festival in Iloilo was such a success. Everyone is looking forward for another year of celebration!


Article and Photos by: Gwen CanongCo-written and edited by: Iveca Cale Ignacio




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