[October 2013] Cover Artist of the Month: KAKKOI BOYS — So Cool!



As there name says, they are Kakkoi! — Kakkoi is the Japanese term for COOL. If you had been a long-time member of Iloilo Kpop Organization and had seen these boys during their reign, you would say they are really KAKKOI!

If you don’t know them, well.. One of the first generation cover idols, they are the first KPOP COVER BOY GROUP in Iloilo. They used to cover SHINEE, DBSK and 2PM. With confidence and good looks, they conquered the fangirls hearts, screaming for each of their performance,

The members:




(Big JP)

(Small JP)


1. For being able to step out as KPOP FANBOYS  during those times when there was much PREJUDICE in being a Kpop fan especially to guys.

2. For their crazy ideas about being a cover group. FYI, they are the first to use costumes/outfits during performances in IKO.

3. For waking up the competitiveness inside other cover groups. (Other cover groups during those times also took COVERing seriously because of them).

4. For standing on stage with confidence even if not all of them can dance well. (They proved that dancing and covering aren’t just for those who can dance well, but  for everyone who wants to do them).

5. For stealing fangirls hearts. HAHA.


Iloilo Kpop Organization 2nd Gathering Cover Dance Contest Champion
December 2009
Covered 2PM’s Again and Again and DBSK’s Doushite Kimi wa Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou, IKO girls had hoity toity feels.

Iloilo Kpop Organization 3rd Gathering Cover Dance Contest Champion
April 2010
Covered SHINEE for the first time, they took all the Noona’s hearts in IKO.

IKO 3rd Gathering KAKKOI BOYS Performance

Iloilo KFest 2011 Cover Dance Contest 2nd Runner Up
January 2011
Haven’t been on stage for a long time, they made their last performance as a cover group as they joined the contest. IKO members never thought that that would be their goodbye stage.

During Kakkoi Boys reign, they were only around 3 to 5 cover groups in Iloilo and so, there weren’t much competition, but rivalry between groups were explicitly prominent.


Actually, these boys have talents in singing and playing instruments, but sadly, their videos of covering Korean songs like Boys Over Flowers OST could not be retrieved for they deleted their facebook fanpage.

Anyway, these guys are full of fun ideas like they even thought of posing with Coca-Cola, McDonalds, etc. — thinking those are their CFs. Here’s a sample:





From competition to friendship. Kakkoi Boys made good friends with the first Girls Generation cover group in the Philippines, Tuh Tuh Girls.

With Tuh Tuh Girls, they made a collaboration music video parody of Super Junior and Girls Generation’s S.E.O.U.L.

CLICK HERE to watch TTG and KKB’s S.E.O.U.L. Parody

OJ and David also participated in KIMSSHI’s first music video parody. OJ acted as a guy who fell in loved with a broken-hearted girl while David acted (with a very short appearance — doubt if you’ll recognize him) as the bad ex-boyfriend who dated another girl.

KAKKOI BOYS are not comparable performance-wise to many good Kpop cover idols in Iloilo nowadays. However, they were instruments and pacemakers who made the first generation Kpop cover idols (in Iloilo) think of better ideas as cover artists.

KAKKOI BOYS is also a product of friendship. They did not start as a cover group, but they were friends since little, and thought that perhaps, joining as a cover group would be fun.

Yes, they have a lot of flaws. But please remember, before IKO fangirls screamed for DJuke, BBA, Troua, or the C-Unit, they screamed first for KAKKOI BOYS.

485576_4142949352484_1983870021_n(Kakkoi Boys with their manager during ILOILO KFEST 2011)

These boys matured and grew up fast. They became busy with their own lives and activities, but they always look back on the friendship that they made with each other and with some members of IKO.

They do not perform on stage as a group anymore, but they are performing individually in their independent stages while getting appreciated not by fan girls but the society.

With much of what they had shared to the organization, and to the Kpop scene in Iloilo and the Philippines…

KAKKOI BOYS, you guys are COOL!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Pictures: Iloilo Kpop WordPress articles, Kakkoi Boys official Facebook accountsVideos: adiksayo @youtube, KIMSSHI Official Youtube Channel, Tuh Tuh Girls Official Facebook Fanpage


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