A Tribute to First and Second Genaration KPOP Idols

The first of Iloilo Kpop Organization this year is a tribute show to the first and second generation idols who worked hard to introduce Kpop to the world, and made the path a lot easier to pass for the new generation.


It is a show designed to not just recap, but also tell the history of Kpop to the new fans. The title of the show was inspired by the Reply Series (Reply 1997 and 1994) and KBS Immortal Song. It was entitled, REPLY KPOP LEGENDS: AN IMMORTAL CONCERT.

More than two hundred members of Iloilo Kpop Organization came to watch and participate in the show. This is almost half of all the active members. Some members and cover artists weren’t able to come due to school work, and busy schedules.


The first generation groups portrayed were Seo Taiji and the Boys (stated as the first Kpop group in history), H.O.T. and Sech Skies (first male groups with wild fandom rivalry), S.E.S. (the first Kpop girl group), Shinhwa (the longest running Kpop group) and Cool (one of the first Kpop mixed groups who made waves with their danceable music).

Three much controversial groups were portrayed in the second generation of idols. With the presence of Cassiopeias and ELFs in the audience, DongBangShinKi (recognized as the group with most number of registered fans in Guiness Book of World Records, with the most sasaeng fans, most loved by Japan and made way for more Korean artists to expand in that country) and Super Junior (the first boy group to have so much number of members, with the biggest fanbase in Asia, and having the biggest number of fans in the Philippines) received much attention and cheers from the audience. Kara (the number one Kpop girl group in Japan, and one of Korea’s representative girl group) was also well-supported by the audience.


Ballad singers were also showcased such as Baek Ji Young (Korea’s queen of ballads), Jang Nara (one of Korea’s best Hallyu Stars in China), Lyn (Soul Diva and queen of OSTs), K.Will (ballad prince), FT Island (the first Kpop band who made it big overseas), and Davichi (the duo respected with looks and voices).


Solo acts from first to second generation were also presented with performances of songs from Bada (leader of S.E.S. and now well-respected with her stage performances in Immortal Song), BoA (the one and only Queen of Korean Wave, number one Kpop solo artist in Japan since the age of 14, and even recognized worldwide with her dancing skills during her US debut), Ivy (the original pop diva), Son Dambi (the pop sexy queen), Lee Hyori (leader of Fin KL — one of the most famous first generation girl groups, the original Bad Girl), XIA Junsu (DongBangShinKi lead vocal, the highest paid and most in-demand musical actor in Korea), Taeyang (Bigbang — world renowned Hip Hop Kpop group’s main vocalist, and one of the hottest idols in Korea), Sunmi (Ex member of Wonder Girls — first Korean girl group who made it big worldwide), Yoon Mirae (The Queen of Korean Hip Hop), and the rivalry of Se7en (one of Kpop’s longest running solo artists, worked with famous producers in the US, and some singers like Lil Mama and Amerie) and Rain (World Star, famous of his hollywood movies Ninja Assasin and Speed Racer, well-loved world wide with his dramas and songs).

There was also a special ALL-FOR-FUN stage with the performance of GDragon and Hyungdon’s Going To Try as a literal meaning of collaboration between old and new idols.

Cover artists present in the show were Djuke, Troua, Beat by Arts members, LAZER (combination of Kimsshi and Girlfriend19), Ruvixx, Steph (GeeDee) and Pinky of Kiss Media, Spades, Kemalla, Sha Sha, BEYOND, Rafflesia’s Acky and Paul, SHINx, Kex Batara of After Shock, HyunJae, and some other cover artists who extended their hands as back up dancers of the solo ones.

It was a sweet success for the organization, achieving its goal to re-tell the story of how KPOP really started and made news though not all old generation groups and artists were portrayed.

Article by: Iveca Cale IgnacioPictures: FB accounts of Dorothy Sumulat, Gabriel Yap, and Blache Salarda


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