#FUNKpop is trending!

What were you doing last July 26, 2014 at lunch time? Well, if you were home sitting in front of the television, then what a pity! You could have gone to SM City Iloilo and experience the fun with hundreds of Korean popular music enthusiasts as they had another show at the Event Centre entitled “#FUNKpop” (pronounced as FUN Kpop) which was lead by, of course, as usual, Iloilo Kpop Organization with the help of SM City Iloilo Marketing Department.

The theme of the event was “wearing DENIM” for July is Denim month in SM City Iloilo. Thus, all Ilonggo Kpop cover artists who performed that day epitomize the use of denim in fashion incorporating it in Kpop.

Now let’s see what were the fun moments during the show:

S-Unit (Iloilo Kpop Organization’s Singing Representative Group) members opened the stage with a sing and dance number of Hyosung’s “Goodnight Kiss” by Stephy (with girls from Kiss Media) and a rap duet of GD and CL’s “The Leaders” by Blanche and Merk.
110575141_684377901647838_2362832632118440583_o 10446239_684377644981197_3357894433933792800_oDJ Entertainment and Sapphire Entertainment gave whole lot of fun production numbers with AKMU’s “Give Love” and a mix of funky kpop songs including Gdragon’s “Crooked”.

mcAnd this event’s emcees Jibih of B2STLY and Danica (Iloilo Kpop Organization’s newly elected president) holding their Taeng Card and Eli Card for their scripts. [I must have been there for my GYU card! kk]

The performances were divided into three batches. Here are performances in the first batch. Featuring the KPOP Rookies:

BESTar with BESTie’s “Thank You Very Much”

Flair2 Flair

Flair with Kiss&Cry’s “Domino Game”


Eugenecel enjoying the fun of a solo stage with AOA’s “Miniskirt”
ProjectA  ProjectA1

Project A is back with GLAM’s “I Like That”

bang2002 bang200 
Bang200 (former BtoA) are “Boy In Luv” with BTS

And the second batch with covers from rising Kpop idol groups:


RuVIXX doing a good job covering VIXX “Eternity”


The mix group of girls and boys, G-Friend, obsessing with Boyfriend’s “Obsession”


Joy of Project A takes a solo stage with group members as back up dancers with Hyosung’s “Goodnight Kiss”
  Spades 2Spades

Who wouldn’t remember the song that made Girls Day on top, “Expectation” by Spades.

KM DollsKM Dolls2

And of course, the lovely girls of KM Dolls never failed to make everyone smile with “Mr. Chu”

4 Jackie2 Jackie

and this chingu, Jackie, who swayed every girl and woman’s hearts as he gave a heartfelt ballad with his soothing and will-make-you-fall-in-love voice.

The third and last batch came covering major untouchable idol groups in Korea:

Elite elite2

El!TE asking “Wacha Doin Today?” covering 4Minute.



B2STLY and SHINx are one as EXOUL with EXO “Overdose” mixing both Korean and Chinese versions in memory of Kris. Not to mention, Troua doing the introduction with Kai’s “Angel”

beyond3 beyond2 beyond

And Iloilo’s boyband BEYOND joining the Kpop fun performing MBLAQ’s “Smoky Girl” and the legends of Kpop, gods of the East DongBangShinKi most successful song “Mirotic”

6 5ne1

5ne1 made everyone jump in their seats screaming NOLZA! as they performed a mix of 2ne1’s “Come Back Home” and “Crush” with a little CL’s “Mental Breakdown”


and lastly, from the biggest group in IKO, GeeDee performing Girls Generation’s “Mr Mr”

of course, the ending isn’t all that. IKO wouldn’t leave the stage without a goodbye performance from its Representative Dance Group C-UNIT who surprised everyone not because of their BTS cover but with their cut of AOA and Girls Day performance.
cunit cunit2

Check their performance HERE:

Since there were no a lot of pre-reserved passes, the chairs prepared were not equal to the amount of viewers. But the cheers were never less.

Feedbacks about the whole show were all positive from IKO old members to new ones, and also from new Kpop fans who had just discovered that there is an existing Kpop organization in Iloilo.
Some Koreans even watched and said that they enjoyed the show.

5 10570343_10201481170870079_2163250761839609249_n10530778_10201481168550021_7092057250131461903_nTill the next event!
See you again! And don’t forget to put #FUNKpop in your post if you have photos to share!

Photos from: Danica Saplagio, Grace Nerpiol, and other members of Iloilo Kpop Organization.
Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio


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