NOM Iloilo Come Back Fan Project


As you all know, NOM will perform once again on SM City Iloilo Event Centre stage on September 26, 2014 at 3pm. It is a sure thing that most Ilonggo fan girls who saw them perform last year are very much excited for their comeback.

Are you one of those excited fan girls or perhaps a fan boy? Are you getting ready on what to do during that day? Have you memorized their first and second singles to sing along with them?

Or are you new and is in the process of getting to know them?

Whatever you are, perhaps you wanna join us in making the NOM members’ hearts flutter in our


1. SHIRTS: Buy or have your own plain WHITE SHIRT and print your NOM member bias Korean name (designs given below for uniformity) in any shirt printing shop you know. Or if you have the NOM shirt printed last year, that is also usable. We will be wearing those shirts during their show.

2. GIFTS: We will giving them memorable gifts so we need MONEY DONATIONS. Our painter friend (Camille Salarda) who is known to draw the EXO XIUMIN oil painting in Comma Cafe will make a portrait painting of NOM. And we will also add some Iloilo memorabilia if there is extra money.

— Money donations at least 50php per person.
— Each person who donated money will be given a banner to cheer for NOM on the day of the event.
— Two ways of donating:
a. Meet up with Ai-Ai Sevillana at Coffee Break beside Nelly’s Garden from 2-4pm every weekdays. Don’t forget to contact her first before going at 09273700935, and give your full name on her list.
b. Collect all your friends’ donations and send to Iveca Cale Ignacio through Palawan Pawnshop Express Padala. Don’t forget to text your full name (and your friends’ names) to Iveca at 09186432607.

We will be taking a picture of the money donations, the gifts and the budgetting breakdown and post it in Iloilo Kpop Organization News Blog after the event.

3. FAN LETTERS: Make a letter for your favorite NOM member or to all members. Write it in a cute stationary. Personally give it to them during the fansigning part of the show. If you aren’t able to join the fansigning, give it to an IKO staff and we will personally give it to them.











We are hoping that a lot of you will participate in this fan project! Again, you also need to buy their CD in order to enter the barricade~ 🙂 Fighting!


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