NOM Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary in Iloilo


It was September 26~ NOM (No Other Man) was back in Iloilo to join the celebration of the Korean Festival 2014. And of course, September 26 is also the day of their anniversary. How lucky Iloilo fans to celebrate the very special day with them!

Yong Ki, Ah In, K and Yohan performed together on stage as a four-member group (this time without their rapper Hu). They performed their singles “You It You” (Neoya Neo) and “Pretty Noona” (Noona Neomu Yeppeo) with Ah In singing Hu’s part. Though lacking one member, they filled the stage with presence, charisma and talent.

audience2 audience

They also had covers of our favorite KPOP acts such as 2AM “This Song” (I Norae), 2PM’s “Again and Again”, Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple”, and their most talked about performance of Sistar’s “Push Push” which made fans stomp their feet with excitement. They also threw back some hits in the 90s and early 2000s with H.O.T and g.o.d songs.

Solo and duo stages were also highlights in the show. Yohan performed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” feat. Ah In on the rap, K sang Micheal Buble’s “Home”, Yong Ki did a solo of Neyo’s “Because of You.” [I’m sorry I don’t know the title of Ah In’s solo song]

Here are some of their pictures:

ain3 aink ain2 ain1k6Kk1k2k3k4k5

yongkik2 yohan yohan2 yohan3 yohan4 yohan5 yongki1 yongki2 yongki3 yongki4 yongki ain yongkik

perf2 perf

The staff of Iloilo Kpop Organization planned a FAN PROJECT ahead of time to make this day special for the members. With CEO Jung Young Bae’s help, the IKO staff wearing their NOM black bias name shirt (with some other IKO members, who are also NEYBs, wearing white bias name shirt in the audience) surprised them on stage with a cake and a gift (their portraits painted using water color). They were very happy seeing the surprised gift Ilonggo fans have given them.

Here’s the video of what happened:

The painting that was given as their anniversary gift was painted in water color by Ms. Mary Camille Salarda who is famous among Kpop fans in Iloilo for her paintings of EXO members in some exhibits and cafe’s in Iloilo.



A lot of new fans and old NEYBs lined up to have their CDs and posters signed after the show.
sign2 sign3 sign1

The next day, IKO staff were able to say goodbye to them in the hotel before they head to the airport.


Hope they visit Iloilo again next year~~ ❤

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos by: Mary Camille Salarda
Video by: Diosa Rodica


2 thoughts on “NOM Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary in Iloilo

  1. Their reaction when they see the painting was priceless, it was a great experience. Thank you IKO for making it possible. Hwaiting!

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