[OCTOBER 2014] COVER ARTIST OF THE MONTH: As powerful as an EL!TE!

1004742_531217150267378_387533963_nPeople always ask, “Is there an f(x) cover group in Iloilo?” and yes, the answer is… THERE IS, and we call them EL!TE.

They debuted last May 11, 2014 at Iloilo Kpop Organization’s Fourth Gathering back to back with the second generation SeoNyuShiDae cover group GeeDee. After that, they made several dance covers of f(x) songs in both Iloilo Kpop Organization events and in Youtube. These girls were discovered by Hyunie of R-ME, and are one of the first groups from DJ Empire.

Some who just recently discovered the organization or just recently exposed themselves in the Kpop fandom world in Iloilo may not know them as a group, but they had been active until today. Only that like f(x), they usually take breaks at some events. Given the fact that it is hard to follow an f(x) dance routine, the time they have to practice together is also an intervening variable. It is not easy to cover f(x) after all!

Anyway, for the new Iloilo Kpop cover artists enthusiasts, the group may be unfamiliar, but it’s 101% sure that you have seen or know one or two members from this group.

Current Members:

Chijun or Junifer Lhynne Sunaz

Cover Name: Chijun
Real Name: Junifer Lhynne Sunaz
Additional Details:
– Hosted several Iloilo Kpop Organization events in SM City and Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012 along with Iveca Cale Ignacio (IKO founder and past KIMSSHI Leader)

– Performs with another cover group in Anigumi Joukai (Iloilo’s biggest Cosplay Guild)

Cloud or Katherine Joy Caberoy

Cover Name: Cloud
Real Name: Katherine Joy Caberoy

Additional Details:
– Performed as BoA in the last KFEST 2012 at SM City Iloilo.

Minjie or Lae Doren Dutchilla

Cover Name: Minjie
Real Name: Lae Doren Dutchilla

Additional Details:
– A swimmer that represents Iloilo.

Cheii or Blanche Salarda

Cover Name: Cheii
Real Name: Blanche Salarda

Additional Details:
– Search for the Next Super Idol Season 2 Champion
– Covers CL of 2ne1 as a solo artist and as the leader of the project group GIZIBE along with Iveca (IU/past member of Kimsshi), Kin (Juniel/past member of GeeDee) and Kem (BEStar/C2K/past member of Girlfriend)
– Received the ‘One of a Kind Yeoja Award’ in Iloilo Kpop Party 2014 as best dressed in girls category.

Chunny or Nicole Anacita
Cover Name: Chunny
Real Name: Nicole Anacita

Additional Details:
– Newest member of EL!TE. Joined in late 2012 replacing former member Jeian.

Previous Member:

Jeian or Joan Jaranilla
Cover Name: Jeian
Real Name: Joan Jaranilla

Additional Details:
– Played Britanny S. Pierce in Iloilo’s Biggest Musical Gleeorious.
– Performer/Artist in Iloilo’s local TV Show “Kids n’ More”

Performances, Online Covers and Solo Activities:

Their debut performance was in the Iloilo Kpop Organization 4th Gathering with Lachata and NU ABO.

Then they made a video cover of NU ABO uploaded in Youtube.

They also performed Chocolate Love, Chu and Pinnochio at the Iloilo Kpop Mini-Concert in 2011. They also showed their vocal in their other performance during the show.

Cloud performing as BoA dancing to Eat You Up at KFEST 2012.

Chijun/Juni doing the opening number performing 15&’s Somebody at Kpop High: Back to School with Kpop event in SM City.

Cheii’s wiining performance in the Search for Super Idol Season 2 last September 2014.

Other Covers:

At times when f(x) doesn’t have a new song, or EL!TE doesn’t have much time to perfect an f(x) routine, they cover other artists.

Please Be My Baby by Wonder Girls was covered and uploaded in Youtube as well.

El!te’s performing “Beatles” by Kpop group, G.I., in Kpop High: Back to School with Kpop event at SM City in July 2013.


A glimpse of how fun these girls could be together.


So let’s say these girls did not start as friends, have their own share of friendly quarrels, and not as always present as some other groups, but looking at how they transformed from the GIRLS who just innocently started as cover artists to LADIES who are now used to perform on stage, you’ll definitely say that they grew individually and a group as powerful as their name.


Look at these innocent faces. Do you see the glints in their eyes? Do you see the oozing fighting spirit that they want to convey? These girls are saying that they are ready. Ready to show the Iloilo Kpop world what they’ve got.



And yes they have grown. More lovable, and more confident.

They are not best of friends, they don’t see each other most of the time. The only time they are together is when they are practicing and performing as EL!TE. But they share a fun and loving friendship that they know they will treasure forever not just as cover artists but also the moments they experienced as members of the group. It is! EL!TE is the word that made them together.

The group name is not much familiar especially to the new ones, but they are considered one of the most successful groups in Iloilo Kpop Organization for still staying stronger together until now.

Hoping to see more of EL!TE not just individually but as a group. Cheers for the elites!!!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Individual members of EL!TE accounts, and EL!TE Official Facebook Account.
Videos From: DJentEmpire Official Youtube Account, Rate Works, Kimsshi Official Youtube Channel


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