[November 2014] COVER ARTIST OF THE MONTH: They Are The Best — 5NE1

185174_357884760955957_1294478787_n“THEY ARE THE BEST” — That statement doesn’t mean that the writer is biased, but that statement was taken from the song “Naega Jeil Jal Naga” which translated as “I Am the Best”, the representative song of one of the untouchable groups in Kpop, 2NE1.

5ne1 is the official 2ne1 dance cover group in Iloilo Kpop Organization. It has been three years since their debut, but there hasn’t been a lot of events that these girls performed. Though this is the circumstance, they had already proven their worth and competency in just a few public appearances.



Janiley Luzarita “En-En” as CL


Taralyn Alminaza “Tara” as Dara


Joyce Maxene Clement “Max” as Bom


Dorothy Jane Sumulat “Dory” as Minzy


Prior to debut, 5ne1’s dance video was played during Iloilo Kpop Organization fourth gathering in May 2011. They covered a remix of 2ne1 hit songs “Fire” and “I Am the Best”



5ne1 first showed their faces and performed in public last October 29, 2011 at the Iloilo Kpop Mini-Concert under Kiss Media managed by GeeDee former member (Now, IKO Staff) Ailea Alarcon. They appeared wearing gold jackets plus the identical hairstyles that caught everyone’s attention. They had a member replacement for CL’s role that time due to some schedule conflicts.



At their attendance in the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012, En-en was chosen as the “Fashionista Yeoja” of the night with her daring CL-like outfit to perform 2ne1’s “I Love You.”

enen fashionistaSee their performance:

Though they weren’t able to take home any awards from their nominations during the award ceremony, they have shown everyone an amazing and shocking performance. As you can hear in the video, there were loud cheers and yells from the very satisfied audience. Some Beat by Arts members helped making their performance more majestic as back up dancers.

And so everyone expected highly from them as they joined the Iloilo Kpop Organization Dance Cover Contest last November 30, 2013 in SM City Iloilo.

kpop dance cover contest 2013

And they never failed everyone who trusted and supported them by taking home the Champion trophy for the girls category showing off their talents in their cover of “Do You Love Me” and “Falling In Love.”

Other Performances:

An explosive performance during the Korean-Filipino Friendship Festival 2012 Fashion Show.

Showing once again their IKMA 2012 performance at KFEST 2012.

Invading their fellow Antiquenons as they performed during Iloilo Kpop Organization’s Fifth Anniversary tour in Bugasong, Antique’s BUGAS SA LUSONG FESTIVAL 2014.

And their performance with the absence of Tara, temporarily replaced by Kin (GIZIBE member, former GeeDee member, Juniel cover artist), in the #FUNKpop event last July 2014 in SM City Iloilo Event Centre.

funkpop with kin

If you don’t always attend Iloilo Kpop Organization events, you might miss the chance of seeing these girls perform, or you might have only seen them just once or twice.

They are rarely seen but they are always awaited. Their video performances would define why IKO members and non-members love seeing them so much.

And just like the 2ne1 members, each member of this group has her own unique personality. If you get to know and interact with them in person, you would know that they truly fit with the members they cover. You would say, “Hey, Tara is 4-dimensional like Dara” or “Dory is so cool like Minzy”  and some other comments for En-en and Max as well.

The members are no longer girls but, now, are women who work hard to live with their dreams and profession. Due to schedule problems and other issues in their private lives, we may not be able to see them often as usual, but we will always expect something good when they are present. And that we can then say..

“You are the best, 5ne1.”


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