IKO Olympics Results and Highlights

For the first time in Iloilo Kpop Organization’s history, a cover idol athletics championship was held last November 23, 2014 called IKO OLYMPICS 2014.

As mentioned in the previous article, many Ilonggo cover artists and IKO staff participated and gave some fun and laughter to everyone in Iloilo Sports Complex last Sunday.

third place yellowteam

yellowteam yellowteam2
YELLOW PIRATES (SHINx, Flair, Bang200, with IKO Staff Danica, Pearl, Anjie and Ai-ai)

redteam2 redteam reddevils
RED DEVILS (5ne1, RuVIXX, After Shock, Jed Lim, Kaina with IKO Staff Dasmille and Cindy — don’t mind Zianne of Blue Team at the left side)


blueteam2 blueteam
BLUE PHOENIX (BBA, El!te, Spades and DjT with IKO Staff Mark, Gwen, Jielyn and Zianne)


10665058_856893631009418_7582504741853433746_n 10801716_856893461009435_7656841322571800053_n

GREEN SAMURAI (B2STLY, GeeDee, Project A, Djuke with IKO Staff Iveca and Louine)

Due to the rain, the opening ceremony was cancelled including the oath taking and parade. They went directly to the first game.

Based on drawlots, the teams who fought against each other were:


Here are some highlights and results of the event:



The highest pointer during the whole game is Andrew from B2STLY scoring at least 12 points in two games (versus red team and blue team).

basket highlights3

Airouh from BBA, also one of the best pointers, during the game showed his skills doing jump shots and lay ups. He also lend a hand to the red team who needs a coach for having no guy in the team.

basket highlights2

Djuke (Abz Pajemolin) and Marfe of BBA also showed their basketball skills during the game. And not just that, they are the rivals during the event. They played head to head in basketball, and they were also the last runners of their teams during the baton relay.

basket highlights

Another unexpected player during the event was yellow team’s no.33, a member of BANG200. He was fast and precise that made the game against the blue team more challenging.

basketball green

The Green Samurai team was the winner of the Basketball Game scoring 26:20 against the Blue Phoenix. The Green Samurai Basketball team was made up of B2STLY members Troua, Andrew, Oliver, Zanny and Jibih with Irish of GeeDee and Shannen of Project A, and Djuke.


chickenfight blue vs yellow chicken fight green vs red

The Tug of War was turned into one of Korea’s traditional games “Chicken Fight”. Many did not know how to play the game at first, but turned out to be really good at it.

cf highlights2cf highlights

1 chickenchicken

Best Chicken Fighters were: The one who used his stable build — Vicente of BBA from Blue Team, The very strategic and fierce fighter — Jed Lim from Red Team, The one who stayed quiet until no one’s left — Darren of Bang 200 from Yellow Team, and the only fierce girl who stayed alive until the end — Kristine of GeeDee from Green Team.

Yellow Team was the winner of the Chicken Fight. It was a close and intense fight between the two members of Bang200 and Jed Lim.


1 garter

1 garterr

The most flexible people from each team fought for the Chinese Garter Game. The first place went to Djuke who successfully made flips to pass the highest stage. 2nd goes to the Yellow Pirates, 3rd to the Blue Phoenix and last to the Red Devils.


1 volleyy

Green Samurai’s ace was JV of B2STLY. He helped the team win with his powerful spikes.

1 volleyball 1volley
Blue Phoenix was so enthusiastic with this game that IKO Staff Mark who is one of their ace players had a minor accident while playing the game. Fortunately, he was not injured and was able to come back during the next set.

vb highlights1

The Red Devils still fought despite lacking members to sub. Though they didn’t win the game, they fought a good fight against the green team.

1 volley 1 volleyb]

The Yellow Pirates were unexpectedly great players. Turned out that they are varsity and used-to-be players during their school days including IKO current president, Danica Saplagio.

The championship round was full of excitement as Green and Yellow Team played against each other even causing TIEs for three times during the first set. Green Team was the winner of this category.


baton relay
Blue Phoenix won in the Baton Relay when Marfe of BBA overtook Djuke from Green Samurai for a couple of milliseconds.


The MVP awards were given to the male and female players who showed their competitiveness, reliability and talent during the whole day event.

mvp yeoja mvp namja

MVP Yeoja was Shannen of Project A from Green Samurai, and MVP Namja was Airouh of BBA from Blue Phoenix.

These are the over-all scores of each team:

1st Place — GREEN SAMURAI (45 points)
Complete Attendance: 5 points
Basketball: 10 points
Chicken Fight: 3 points
Chinese Garter: 10 points
Volleyball: 10 points
Baton Relay: 7 points

2nd Place — BLUE PHOENIX (42 points)
Complete Attendance: 10 points
Basketball: 7 points
Chicken Fight: 5 points
Chinese Garter: 5 points
Volleyball: 5 points
Baton Relay: 10 points

3rd Place — YELLOW PIRATES (32 points)
Complete Attendance: 7 points
Basketball: 5 points
Chicken Fight: 10 points
Chinese Garter: 7 points
Volleyball: 7 points
Baton Relay: 3 points

4th Place — RED DEVILS (24 points)
Complete Attendance: 3 points
Basketball: 3 points
Chicken Fight: 7 points
Chinese Garter: 3 points
Volleyball: 3 points
Baton Relay: 5 points

The punishment was given to the Red Devils who scored the lowest over-all. The punishment was putting clothespin in their faces and pulling them simultaneously.


Congratulations to the winning team! To all those who did not win, there is still a next time.

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Louine Hope Conserva, Mario Lorenzo Bravo, Maxine Angeles Facebook Accounts


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