[December 2014] ARTIST OF THE MONTH: The First Ilonggo Solo Cover Artist — Djuke

abzWho would think that a famous Ilonggo Hip-hop artist and dance choreographer would find fun in Kpop as an enthusiast and a cover artist?

Of course, since the birth of Seo Taiji and the Boys, which was also covered once by our featured artist for this month, Hip-hop and Kpop made an irresistible bond that many have found it cool and addictive to watch and listen to.

Some of us do not know that Hip-hop had originated way way back (that I don’t know when) from the underground scene and then evolved hundreds or thousands of times as it became more and more familiar when it was brought to the mainstream.

But we won’t be discussing about Hip-hop and its history because I, myself, the writer, have not enough knowledge about it (you can ask well known underground Hip-hop artists if you know some or watch a documentary by the National Geographic Channel or might as well Google it, perhaps, if you are very interested about it).

Djuke — his cover name as a Kpop cover artist given by his entertainment group DJ Empire, but he’s known as Abz Pajemolin by a lot of people in Iloilo. An architect by the day, a dancer/choreographer at night, and a Kpoper in the weekends.


Prior from his debut in Iloilo Kpop Organization as a solo artist, he was once a back-up dancer of the first generation Iloilo cover girl group R-Me in the Iloilo Kpop Festival 2011 in SM City Event Centre last January 29, 2011.

In addition to that, some videos of him dancing to Taeyang songs were uploaded in the internet. Too bad, those were pulled out now and are nowhere to be found.


His first performance as Jay Park, who is much likely the same as him in terms of body and being a B-boy, was during the Iloilo Kpop Mini-concert last September 29, 2011 at the Red Cross Hall where he also shared stages with his fellow artists in DJ Empire and showed us his break dancing skills.

His first performance video couldn’t be found but here are his video covers of Jay Park’s Know Your Name (EL!TE members as his back-up dancers):




Voted as BEST SOLO COVER ARTIST at the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012.


Winning the title of the THE ULTIMATE SUPER IDOL 2013 last September of 2013 for the Iloilo-Korean Friendship Festival.

2 1

Fans went wild when Djuke took off his shirt in the middle of his performance, and another “Take Off Shirt” scene when he received the award from Manila’s famous cover group SUPER SIMPLE. He showed the proof of his name ABZ as you can see in the picture.

He then became the head judge for the THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT SUPER IDOL 2014 and WHO IS NEXT: KPOP DANCE COVER CONTEST in this year’s Iloilo-Korean Friendship Festival.

Some Memorable Performances:

As a guest performer during INFINITY PRODUCTION’s “iPOP CONCERT”, he performed EXO Kai’s Machine and showed us some dance breaks.

Djuke’s cover of Jay Park’s I LOVE YOU at the KPOP FEST 2012

A collab with Infinity Productions and Ledal Sound artists for NS Yoon Ji and Jay Park’s IF YOU LOVE ME at the IKO 6th Gathering A KPOPIN CHRISTMAS

One of Djuke fans most favorite performances is his cover of JOAH at the KPOP HIGH: BACK TO SCHOOL WITH KPOP last June 2013

The SEO TAIJI performance during REPLY KPOP LEGENDS and the SO GOOD performance during the Kpop Festival 2014 were also awesome and unforettable. Wasn’t able to find links of them though 😦

DJ Entertainment and Choreography:

As the oppa-slash-hyung-slash-sunbae of his ent-mates in DJ Entertainment, he usually acts as a back up dancer of their performances. Moreover, he is in charge of making fun stages with his fellow cover artists in their production numbers, and here are some of those:

at KPOP FEST 2012


at #FUNKpop

Djuke was one of the main members of Iloilo Kpop Organization used-to-be representative cover dance group C-UNIT who even performed at I.K.O.’s 5th Anniversary Tour in Bugasong, Antique last January 18, 2014.

Abz or Djuke might be criticized by a lot of people for being part of the Iloilo Kpop scene from being a well-known Kpop artist, but he is proud of being part of it. He would usually say, “Iba ang appreciation sa Kpop” (Appreciation in Kpop is different).

There are some who would even give him bad comments for winning those awards mentioned above saying he isn’t the one who deserves them, but still, though not as expressive as others, his supporters in the Iloilo Kpop world remained stable and even multiplied.

Djuke isn’t one of the pretty faces, Djuke isn’t the best dancer, Djuke isn’t even proud of his age and height. BUT.. a capitalized BUT.. Djuke has pretty heart, Djuke has so many talents, Djuke is the only professional dancer in IKO who even trained with international choreographers, and most of all..

Djuke shows what PASSION is all about.

KUDOS to Djuke!
KUDOS to Abz Pajemolin!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: DJ Empire Official Page, Danica Kato-Kim Facebook Account.
Videos from: DJ Empire Official Youtube Account


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