JOHDA! Awards 2014 — Vote Here.


Here comes again the Iloilo Kpop Official News Blog’s Anniversary Celebration annual event. It’s the blog’s 5TH ANNiVERSARY and like last year, we will be presenting awards to those Ilongo Kpop Cover Artists that made the Iloilo Kpop Scene wonderful and more colorful.

Last year, we gave awards to three categories: Favorite Solo Cover Artist, Favorite Cover Rookie Group and Favorite Cover Group. This year, another category will be added and that is “Favorite Cover Performance” where memorable and most applauded performances from different IKO events during the year are nominated.

FAVORITE — because it doesn’t mean that the winner is the best, but it means that the winner is the one who caught the audience’s hearts. And FAVORITE because JOHDA! means “I LIKE THAT!”

And so we need YOU to tell us who deserves to be given the TITLE for each category.



1. The nominees are only based on the active cover artists during the whole year.

2. You may think you voted a lot of times as you refresh the page, but your vote is only counted ONCE every 24 hours.

3. Voting starts at January 5, 2015 midnight and ends on January 30. 2015 midnight.

4. Awards will be given and results will be announced on IKO’s first event of the year, SOON to be promoted.

5. Results of the poll is not and cannot manipulated by the writers main author of this blog.

6. Results will be posted in this blog after the first IKO event of the year.

7. Prizes given to the winners are not MONETARY or GRAND. Simple certificates and memorabilia are given for the writers of this blog does not get any money by posting articles.

8. This is purely for FUN so do not feel bad if you didn’t win.

9. You can promote to ask others to vote for your favorites as well even if he or she isn’t a member of IKO or not a Kpop fan.

10. VOTE wisely!


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