[JANUARY 2015] ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Beating the Arts — B.B.A.


January is the month of festivals, and when it’s festivals, in Iloilo Kpop Organization, there is one group that when present, will create a very “festive” mood. This month, we will be talking about the group who was never absent in any Kpop event in Iloilo, and the group who is always ready to perform in any invitation any time, any place.

The mood-makers of the iloilo Kpop scene, Beat by Arts.

Members and Pre-debut:

Beat By Arts or B.B.A. is a cover group who started with five members originally covering SHINee. These guys did not start as Kpop fans, but was influenced by KIMSSHI and found themselves in loved with the genre and the passion of performing.

But what are they before they became Kpop cover artists?

Well, they are a group of friends that are Otakus and cosplayers from Anigumi Joukai (a cosplay guild in Iloilo). And up until now, they are spreading the love for Kpop by performing and giving fun intermission numbers during cosplay events in iloilo.

B.B.A. originally stands for “Bouncer Bugaw Boys” to give everyone laughter in a thanksgiving event in Anigumi Joukai. But they changed it to “Beat By Arts” to make a serious group.

Original members:

arc Louise
– former leader of BBA
– former IKO staff
– one of the first members of IKO representative dance group, C-Unit
– Taeyang cover artist
– won “Best Cover Group Member” in Iloilo kpop Music Awards 2012
– 3rd Place in The Search for the Next Super Idol 2014

Shinagawa Daichi
– former leader of BBA
– co-founder of One Entertainment
– main idea-maker of BBA’s girl group dances
– currently in Japan

amon a.k.a Arc
– former lead dancer of BBA
– currently in Malaysia

– currently in Canada

– member of IKO representative dance group, C-Unit
– known in IKO for his signature pose (right arm raised beside head), making other well-known cover group Super Simple, and Korean boy group NOM pose like him in a picture.

Current/Reoccurring Additional Members:


– usually behind the stage and works with song mixes and videos of BBA

– lead dancer of BBA
– former IKO staff
– choreographer of GeeDee and KM Dolls
– leader and choreographer of various IKO flashmobs
– member of IKO representative cover dance group, C-Unit

Airouh a.k.a. Ron-ron
– received “Cover Boy Award” (Best-looking cover boy group member) in Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012
– chosen as “Most Valuable Player” for IKO Olympics 2014

– current leader of BBA
– last member of IKO representative cover dance group, C-Unit
– member of IKO representative singing artists, S-Unit




Former Member:

– member of IKO representative dance group, C-Unit
– now a member of Iloilo sing and dance group, BEYOND


They debuted as a five-member cover group during Iloilo Kpop Organization 4th Gathering dancing to SHINee’s Lucifer in 2011 with Marc Louise as the leader, Vicente, Daichi, Kevin and Arc.

But they were more recognized when Ian and Karlo joined the group and covered Boyfriend’s Boyfriend in Iloilo Kpop Organization Mini-concert in September 29, 2011.

As stated above, BBA is the cover group who is always present and ready to perform in any IKO event, IKO-invited event, and advocacy events in partnership with IKO. Given that, they have performed in numerous events plus their performances in Anigumi Joukai.

To give an overview, here are some of their memorable performances:

As Super Junior

Appearing with ten members on stage, they help in the narration of Kpop’s history by protraying Super Junior and covering their famous songs and dance moves in KFEST 2012 at SM City Iloilo.

As B.A.P.

They found the idol group that they would love to cover for a long time with Best.Absolute.Perfect (B.A.P), With this, their covers are well applauded and they even achieved some awards.

“Crash” during Korean Festival: Kpop Fashion Show last September 2012

Performing “Stop It’ for IKO 6th Gathering – A Kpopin Christmas in December 2012.

Covering “No Mercy” in Iloilo Kpop Fantasy Concert at SM City last February 17, 2013

“One Shot” performance in Back to School with Kpop last June 22, 2013.

Change in Leader:

BBA started with Marc Louise as the leader. But with Marc being busy going back and forth Manila-Iloilo, having lesser time to practice and lead the group, they decided to put Daichi in the leader position.

Daichi was the leader for a long time and managed to lead the group well until he got married and went back to Japan. He then turned over the leader’s position in early 2014 to their new member Merk, who is now the current leader of the group.

Change in Entertainment Group:

They debuted in the Iloilo Kpop scene under the biggest entertainment group in Iloilo Kpop Organization, Kiss Media. But after over two years, they left Kiss Media with a good heart, and on June 2014, they combined with former Ledal Sound cover artists and created a new entertainment group named One Entertainment.


They were featured in the August 7, 2012 issue of The Daily Guardian.

(Too bad, the link for that issue online was already taken out by the site)

They gathered several awards during the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012.

Airouh was given the “Cover Boy” award as the best-looking cover boy group member.

Marc voted as the “Best Cover Group Member”

hosen as the “Best Cover Boy Group”

Let’s watch their performance of B.A.P’s “Power” wearing their BBA blakc jackets patterned with B.A.P’s during the awards ceremony proving that they deserve the award given to them.

For two consecutive years, they took home trophies from Kpop Dance Cover Contests:

Their winning performance of B.A.P’s “Warrior” taking home First Place for KFEST 2013
Kpop Dance Cover Contest: Boy Group Song Category

Taking home Second Place for Korean-Filipino Festival 2014 Who Is Next: Kpop Dance Cover Contest


BBA loves supporting other cover groups and artists so they always lend their time and talents to create fun and lively stages.

Assisting Myrtle Gail Sarrosa in her performance of 4minute’s “Hot Issue during IKO 5th Gathering.

Front act during Iloilo Pop Concert 2012

with 5ne1 for “I Love You” by 2ne1 in IKMA 2012

with KM Project’s “Bounce” by JJ Project in IKMA 2012

Marc and Arc with Cale of KIMSSHI “Good Day” by IU in KFEST 2012

with EXODIA “Jeon Won Diary” by T-ARA N4 in Back to School with KPOP 2013

with Troua and KIMSSHI in Anigumi Joukai’s Heroes vs Villains Event

Advocacy Participation:

Being always present, BBA had been Iloilo Kpop Organization’s representative in almost all IKO partnership with various government and health organization events. They also participated in some advocacy events out of IKO.

Main leaders and choreographers of Iloilo Kpop Organization Flashmob to celebrate the Korean-Filipino Friendship Festival in SM City Iloilo.

ish Upon A Star event of the Rotary Club of Iloilo

orld Diabetes Day 2013 Flashmob at Robinsons Mall Iloilo.

outh Jam 2013

Words are not enough to describe BBA. This article is actually boring, opposite to what and who they really are in person. You have to experience meeting them and be with them before you could literally picture out the “festive mood” that was mentioned above.

Each and every member of this group, whether former or current, has a unique characteristic that is neither histrionic nor narcissistic but will definitely get everyone’s attention. And if there is one cover group that will never be forgotten and will always be remembered by the people and fans who would go to Kpop events in Iloilo, it would be them, BBA.

BBA members are not the usual dancers you imagine like those you see in ABDC or Showtime. They are not the best, the absolute, or the perfect when it comes to dance moves and synchronization. They are not even the best-looking boy group. However, they are a group that could prove that dancing and performing isn’t just for dancers, but for people who loves to dance and perform. They are the living proof that an entertaining, enjoyable, amusing and pleasant performance can also be given by passion itself.

And though their had been a lot of ups and downs with their roller-coaster ride friendship, we are still hoping for more growth and learning for them.

Like their name, they are fighting, striving and trying to move following every beat of the art of music.


original 10

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Iloilo Kpop Organization Facebook Fanpage, Beat By Arts Official Fanpage, Official Facebook Account of each member of BBA
Videos From: iHeartJungSooYeon Youtube Channel, Rate Works Youtube Channel, HappyKissMedia Youtube Channel, Iloilo Kpop Organization Youtube Channel, AngryMarkH Youtube Channel


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