KCON Iloilo 2015’s “The Cover Idol Show” to feature Troua, Djuke, BBA and GeeDee


As Iloilo Kpop Organization holds its annual Kpop Convention, several activities and fun events are planned for Ilonggo Kpop enthusiasts, whether member or non-member of the organization, to enjoy.

Once a year, IKO sets a day for a Kpop Convention where members renew their memberships, new fans can register and be part of the organization, Kpop merchandise shops can have their booths and sell collectibles, and cover groups and artists can show their well-practiced performances to bring shouts and spazz from the crowd.

Last year, the “throwback” theme was emphasized showing all generations of idols in the history of Kpop. There is no theme this year, instead, the IKO staff prepared a variety-reality show setting.

First on the list is “The Cover Idol Show” which will be held in the morning of the event. It will start at 10 a.m. (exact time) featuring the most famous Kpop cover artists in Iloilo. Well, those are none other than: The guy who everyone wants to make their profile picture, Troua (Earvin Yap); The guy who always amazes us with tricks on stage, Djuke (Abz Pajemolin); The funniest and most in demand group in IKO, Beat By Arts; and the variety of talented, pretty and sexy girls, GeeDee.

The show is patterned with the famous Korean idol show, Weekly Idol, with a Pinoy twist of course. It will be hosted by yours truly, Iveca Cale Ignacio, and one of the founders of IKO West Visayas State University Chapter, Joseph Marzan.

The talk show will be followed by fun games and prizes, then the afternoon event will be filled with group, entertainment performances, and collaborations from your favorite and newly debuted Iloilo Kpop Organization cover artists. Plus, the winners from Iloilo Kpop Official News Blog’s JOHDA AWARDS 2014!

Tickets will be available next week (February 10, 2015). Only 180 fans can accommodate the venue. So members, tell your entertainment representatives, and those who who do not have entertainments but are members, or non-members who wanna watch and join us, stay updated in our Iloilo Kpop Organization group page for more details.


Article by: iveca Cale Ignacio


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