[February 2015] COVER ARTIST OF THE MONTH: The Fan Service King — Troua


If Iloilo Kpop Organization would make a survey asking female members of the group on who among the cover artists they want to give chocolates or perhaps who they want to receive flowers from, this Valentine’s Day, I would 100% bet that the winner would be no other than, Troua.

Earvin Julius Yap or also known as Troua in IKO is not just a cover artist but also a well-known name in the Iloilos fashion industry for he is also a model to some famous designers and establishments in Iloilo.

For this month, we are going to explore Troua’s adventure to another chaotic world, which anyone would not think he would be in, his journey as a Kpop cover artist.


Troua debuted during Iloilo Kpop Organization’s 5th Gathering last April 3, 2012. He shocked everyone with his talent and handsome looks as he perfected Rain’s dance routine in “Rainism.”

Awards and Fashion:

By audience and staff votes, he was nominated and held as “Fashionista Namja” during the Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012.


Janiley of 5ne1 was the “Fashionista Yeoja” with the emcees Cale of KIMSSHI, yours truly, and Juni of EL!TE).

Having the model background, he was also the main model during the Iloilo-Korean Friendship Festival’s Kpop Fashion Show last September 2012.




Troua later on became a part of BEASTLY (B2STLY), a cover group of BEAST and 2PM, playing both Junho and Gikwang.

b2stly(During their debut stage in Iloilo Kpop Fantasy in February 18, 2013).

(B2STLY – Shadow Dance practice)

As one of the best dancers in the Iloilo Kpop scene, he was chosen to be part of IKO’s dance representative cover boy group, C-UNIT.

(Iloilo Kpop Fantasy opening performance with C-Unit covering DMTN’s “ER”)

Trivia: Troua was the most popular among the people  and Kpop fans of Bugasong, Antique during IKO’s Fifth Anniversary Tour for Bugas sa Lusong Festival in 2014.

(Here’s their EXO Growl” performance)

With SHINx (SHINee cover group) and B2STLY together forms the whole group of EXOul which cover EXO as a whole.

(6-members of EXOul as EXO M in #FUNKpop last July 2014).

Other Performances:

Performing Jay Park’s “Know Your Name” at Iloilo Kpop Music Awards 2012. Showing that he doesn’t have Rain’s hip moves, but also Jay’s swagger.

Performing EXO’s MAMA with SHINx in Iloilo KFEST 2012.

With his suave performance as Taeyang during The Search for the Ultimate Super Idol at the Iloilo-Korean Friendship Festival 2013.

Collaboration with each member of KIMSSHI during Anigumi Joukai’s Heroes vs Villains Event in October 2012.

Troua also performs EXO Kai’s solo choreography stealing more fan girls hearts.

And last but not the least, lemme share two crucial moments when the crowd during an IKO event went wild watching him.

1. The moment when Troua held the microphone to sing and rap. [Song: BAP’s “Rain Sound” with C-Unit at Iloilo Kpop Fantasy 2012]

2. You have never thought that Troua would dance a girl group song. [Song: Girls Day “Something”; AOA “Miniskirt” with C-Unit + BTS “Boy In Luv”]

Since the day Troua debuted in the Iloilo Kpop scene, we have seen a lot of fangirls and even fanboys post profile pictures in Facebook with him. There would be a long line of fans who would love to have a picture with him in every Kpop event.

Though tired, we have seen Troua say no or push anyone away. That’s why this article is entitled, “The Fan Service King”

Troua isn’t just a pretty face or a tall height, but also a very talented person with a good heart.

We will wait for more cool performances from this guy in the future!

Article by: Iveca Cale Ignacio
Photos from: Danica Kato-Kim Facebook Account, Troua Official Fan Page.
Videos From: HappyKissMedia Youtube account, Grace Nerpiol Youtube account, 천사 Cheonsa Youtube account, ahjieof11 Youtube account, troua9999 Youtube account.


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